WordCamp Columbus 2016

August 30, 2016 in SiteLock News

I recently found myself in Columbus, Ohio for another amazing WordCamp. #WCCBUS had a wide variety of speakers, topics and attendees and also offered a full day workshop on Friday.

It was held at the Columbus State Conference Center. This turned out to be the perfect location. The main hall and the breakout rooms were all close enough together but emptied into another main room allowing attendees a chance to meet and interact.

WordCamp Columbus 2016 Venue

A very convenient venue for camp

Hands-on Workshops

I love it when WordCamps have workshop days. WordCamp Columbus dedicated Friday to two tracks: WordPress 101 and WordPress 201.

Each workshop was very well attended and the feedback from new and experienced users was very positive.

WordCamp Columbus 2016 Opening Remarks

A large crowd ready to get hands on during workshop day

Notable Sessions

I’ve said it before, but it’s true. Every WordCamp is unique because of the variety of topics presented, and WordCamp Columbus was no different.

Here are a few of the sessions I was lucky enough to attend.

The Power of Custom Post Types

Dustin Hartzler did an excellent job of explaining custom post types from the ground up. There were a lot of “ah ha!” moments during his talk and it was clear that people came away with a deeper understanding of what CPTs in WordPress are capable of doing.

Dustin Hartzler discusses custom post types

Dustin Hartzler explains custom post types

Diversity in WordPress: A Panel Discussion

This panel discussion on diversity was unique and very interesting. The questions of “Why” and “How” we can all help to create and nurture diversity in WordPress don’t have a single answer.

However, the discussion between the audience and panel made it clear that this topic is something we should all keep in mind to build a stronger WordPress community.

Diversity in WordPress Panel

Discussing how to expose WordPress to those who don’t have easy access

WordCamp Game Room

When I saw that one of the sponsors was a local board game cafe, I didn’t really understand why they’d be interested in a WordCamp. After seeing them in action, it all became very clear!

Board gaming seemed a natural fit for many of the attendees and offered the perfect break to the session schedule. It was also a great option for people who are more introverted to interact with others more naturally.

Board games at WordCamp?

Taking a break between sessions to play a game

Keynote: The Humanity of WordPress

I first met Rich Robinkoff at WordCamp NEO and immediately felt connected. That’s what he does. That’s who he is. He will welcome you with open arms.

The takeaway from Rich’s keynote was that although we all experience struggles in life that can divide and separate us, it’s important to remember that we, in fact, are all experiencing the same thing. The Human Condition.

Rich Robinkoff gives the keynote at WordCamp Columbus

Inspiring all of us to connect deeper

Don’t Look Now! You’re the Expert.

Megan Morsie’s session was great; especially so because it was her first ever WordCamp talk. She discussed the challenge of working in an in-house company environment and still connecting to the greater software and development community.

I love learning how people get involved with WordPress and web development. Megan’s path was through the neopets website where she started to learn HTML.

Megan Morsie talks about being the expert

Finding the balance between in-house and community engagement

Ask Me Anything About Selling Web Development Services

Kyle Maurer started with an open call for questions from the audience. The conversation quickly turned into one of the best freelance and agency talks I’ve ever attended.

Kyle was open and honest about early failures like his rates being too low, not properly scoping projects and managing time. He shared the specific processes he put in place to correct those mistakes and move forward.

Kyle Maurer talking freelance and agency business

Sharing what works and what doesn’t with eager listeners

WordCamp Columbus was a successful event and we’ll be sure to come back next year! Make sure to follow along with all of our WordCamp and other event recaps.

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