WooCommerce Security Services

When building trust with customers and requesting personal and financial information, an eCommerce business needs to ensure their website security is top notch. Protect your WooCommerce website from hackers and malware with automatic website security.

Security, Compliance, & Protection for WooCommerce

Like Wordpress, which WooCommerce is built on, this eCommerce platform is highly customizable, and very popular. However, what comes with this flexibility is often potential security concerns. Thankfully, securing your WooCommerce site has never been easier with our security solutions that automatically find and fix threats for you. SiteLock’s security plans provide your business with real-time, 24/7 website protection from active threats — allowing you to focus on building your business.

  • WooCommerce Auto Patching
  • PCI Compliance
  • Malware Scanning & Protection

See how SiteLock helps Brett’s business

Brett's company manages over 125 websites. When an attack on a client's website interrupted his honeymoon, Brett realized that he needed a better solution for the sake of his business. Listen as he recalls his SiteLock experience.

Online Store Security & PCI Compliance

Securing sensitive information, such as personal customer data and credit cards is easy with SiteLock. We provide both the site’s security and the help you need to keep your online presence safe and compliant!


With an active admin account, you can add new sites and connect via secure FTP, providing you better WooCommerce security without impacting performance


With the initial SiteLock WooCommerce scan, we’ll help you identify security issues, including malware, spam, blacklisting, and anything out of the ordinary


Armed with a list of vulnerabilities & threats, we will now be able to choose a manual or automatic remediation plan


With your WooCommerce security activated, you now have immediate protection from malware, blacklists, SQL injections, and out-of-date plugin updates

SiteLock vs WooCommerce Security Plugins

SiteLock is designed to provide robust coverage for any website, regardless of its size. Plus, with SiteLock, you get PCI support that speeds up the PCI compliance process.

WooCommerce Security Plugin

  • Requires Plugin
  • File (PHP) Based
  • Performance Degrades
  • Requires Manual Updates
  • Website Backups
  • Web Application Firewall
  • DDoS Protection
  • (PCI) compliant
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Blacklist Monitoring & Removal
  • Manual WordPress Patching
  • Partner Friendly

$149-499 per year


  • No Plugin
  • Cloud Based
  • Performance Improvements
  • Automatic Notifications
  • Website Backups
  • Web Application Firewall
  • DDoS Protection
  • (PCI) compliant
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Blacklist Monitoring & Removal
  • Auto WordPress Patching
  • Partner Friendly

$249 per year

Have WooCommerce Questions?

What tools does SiteLock provide to help improve WooCommerce sales?

The SiteLock Trust Seal (when installed) will provide customers peace of mind by displaying a safe badge on the footer of your shopping cart, letting them know you are Malware free. When combined with the Website Application Firewall & CDN, your WooCommerce additional conversion will occur via improved Google Core Vitals and industry leading security.

Can a CDN help me achieve better search rankings for my WooCommerce store?

Absolutely, a faster website is generally better for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By distributing your images, files, and WooCommerce store onto our CDN, you’ll notice instance improvements in Google Core Vitals from around the world. These faster response times will provide you the competitive edge to rank higher, convert more, and accelerate your e-commerce store.

Does SiteLock help my WooCommerce store achieve PCI Compliance?

Yes, we assist e-commerce platforms with mandatory PCI compliance. We’ll provide you the answers you need for more than 80% of the questions. By utilizing SiteLock and services such as the Web Application Firewall, you’ll be able to achieve PCI compliance in a fraction of the time it would take to manually verify hundreds of questions.

How does SiteLock keep my WooCommerce store secure?

With SiteLock’s automated security patches you’ll never have to worry about a zero-day exploit of out-of-date software, or e-commerce store downtime. SiteLock will automatically patch WooCommerce core, theme, and plugins to provide you with the best in front line defense. SiteLock will ​​find and patch vulnerabilities as soon as they appear. Your automated security plan will fix threats before damage is done.

How does a Web Application Firewall help my WooCommerce store?

A Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects your WooCommerce store owners by blocking bad traffic before it reaches your server. The cloud based firewall utilizes enterprise level rulesets that prevent bad traffic from reaching your WooCommerce store. SiteLock’s WAF is fine tuned to provide the highest level of security and performance for WooCommerce.

Will SiteLock also backup WooCommerce offsite and provide me the ability to restore?

Yes, backup functionality is another layer of security we offer. SiteLock provides full offsite backup for your website and you’ll have full control to restore your entire site or just a few files via the SiteLock Dashboard. When you connect your WooCommerce site to SiteLock, backups will be fully functional.