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Hacked Website Repair Services

Quickly get your website cleaned up today and monitored moving forward

When hackers have breached your site, getting your website repaired and cleaned immediately is the top priority. Security issues not only put your business’s data at risk, but also potentially your customers’ data as well. In addition to critical cybersecurity, getting hacked can take a website completely offline and/or negatively impact your search engine rankings, both of which can lead to sharp declines in website traffic and revenue. Our SiteLock 911 service will fix your hacked website quickly and then provide ongoing monitoring to prevent future hacks.

Fixing hacked sites fast is our business.
No hidden fees, same-day service!

Emergency 911 Cleaning and Ongoing Monitoring

  • Priority Access to SiteLock's expert support team
  • Response within 6 hours of your order
  • Most sites are cleaned within 4 to 6 hours of gaining server access
  • 911 services include both automated and expert manual cleaning techniques
  • 911 repairs are guaranteed to remove malware, SEO spam, backdoors, and blocklist warnings. In the rare case we cannot remove the identified issues, you will be fully refunded.
  • Questions? Contact us at (877) 846 6639 or via chat

For hacks affecting multiple sites/domains, save with our volume pricing discounts

or call us at (877) 846 6639 or via chat

In order to maintain business continuity and ensure a safe browsing experience, it’s essential for website owners to:

  • Scan and clean the entire site of any malicious code
  • Patch any security vulnerabilities
  • Closely monitor and protect your site going forward

This is where SiteLock comes in. Our expert team is ready to repair your website hack quickly and effectively.

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SiteLock 911 Website Expert Clean
$0.0 / one-time

SiteLock 911 removes malware, SEO spam, backdoors, and blocklist warnings.

SiteLock 911 includes automated and manual techniques to remove malware, SEO spam, backdoors, and blocklist warnings.

One year of external monitoring is included, though SiteLock 911 + Pro or Business are recommended to prevent future attacks.

SiteLock 911
$0.0 / due today

SiteLock 911 Plus includes all of the benefits of our one-time 911 Website Expert Clean service. The 911 Plus plan also includes:

• One year of external and internal scanning
• Unlimited automated and expert manual cleans
• All the features and benefits of our award-winning Pro Plan including speed, performance and backup features

Emergency Expert Services

Our skilled security experts work with you to quickly repair hacked sites, remove blacklisting, and get your website back to functioning properly. We provide support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. SiteLock's priority access gives you the fastest response possible. Chat with us to learn about our 911 hacked website repair service.

Continued Monitoring After Cleaning

All 911 plans include a year of SiteLock's External Website Scanner, providing external monitoring of your site. We'll be your partner in website security for the year to come.

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