Malware Removal

Automatic Malware Removal Services

Has your site recently crashed or frozen, has the appearance completely changed, or has it been blacklisted by search engines? These could be signs that the website has a malware infection. Automatically remove malicious content from your hacked website, creating a safe visitor experience and protecting your online business with our malware cleanup solution.

Stop Malware in its Tracks

Malware is any malicious code or program that’s been installed onto a website intending to cause harm to a web system. Hackers use bots to find vulnerabilities on a site and then exploit them using different types of attack methods. Once malicious content is installed, website performance can begin to decline quickly making it necessary to take immediate action. Sitelock makes removal easy. Our security solution automatically finds and removes malware and will keep your site clean moving forward.

Malware Detection

Using our proprietary inside-out malware scanner, we locate infected files and injected malware on your website.

Malware Removal

Our technology will not only remove malware or suspicious items found on your site, but it will also eliminate those uncovered in the publicly visible source code.

Website Restore

Once removed, we sync the changes back to the website environment keeping you notified at every step along the way.

Why Use SiteLock?

Implementing automatic malware removal provides you with the simplest path to website recovery. Set-it and forget-it technology also gives you the website protection you need moving forward without the complexity.

Worry-Free Protection

It’s easy to stay protected with our automated cybersecurity services. Your malware scan runs seamlessly and continuously in the background keeping you informed of any security issues and also keeping your business safe.

Immediate Alerts & Updates

Stay informed about your website security with automated alert emails and live results from your SiteLock Dashboard.

Increase Visitor Trust

Build customer confidence with a SiteLock Trust Seal. Your malware solution includes a security badge that lets your visitors know your site is secure and malware-free

Peace of Mind

SiteLock has you covered. Rest assured knowing your site is protected from malware 24/7. You will also have access to our team of security experts.

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