Malware Removal

Automatic Website Malware Removal Services

Has your site recently crashed or frozen, has the appearance completely changed, or has it been blacklisted by search engines? These could be signs that the website has a malware infection. If you believe your site is experiencing a malware attack, you must act quickly. SiteLock’s malware cleanup service automatically removes malicious content from your hacked website and offers protection for your online business moving forward, creating a safer visitor experience for your customers.

Stop Malware in its Tracks

Malware is any malicious code or program that’s been installed onto a website intending to cause harm to a web system. Hackers use bots to find vulnerabilities on a site and then exploit them using different types of attack methods. Once malicious content is installed, website performance and functionality can begin to decline quickly making it necessary for website owners to take immediate action. Sitelock makes removal easy. Our security solution automatically finds and removes all types of malware and will keep your site clean moving forward.

Malware Detection

Using our proprietary inside-out malware scanner, we locate infected files and injected malware on your website.

Malware Removal

Our technology will not only remove malware or suspicious items found on your site, but it will also eliminate those uncovered in the publicly visible source code.

Website Restore

Once removed, we sync the changes back to the website environment keeping you notified at every step along the way.

Why Use SiteLock?

Implementing automatic malware removal provides you with the simplest path to website recovery. Set-it and forget-it technology also gives you the website protection you need moving forward without the complexity.

Worry-Free Protection

It’s easy to stay protected with our automated cybersecurity services. Your malware scan runs seamlessly and continuously in the background keeping you informed of any security issues and also keeping your business safe.

Immediate Alerts & Updates

Website owners and IT teams can easily stay informed about their website security with automated alert emails and results in real-time from your SiteLock Dashboard.

Increase Visitor Trust

Build customer confidence with a SiteLock Trust Seal. Your malware solution includes a security badge that lets your visitors know your site is secure and malware-free.

Peace of Mind

SiteLock has you covered. Rest assured knowing your site is protected from malware 24/7. You will also have access to our team of security experts.

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Why is malware a serious problem for websites?

The ill effects of malware are obvious from the user's perspective, but this can also be incredibly damaging for businesses and organizations, especially if sensitive data has been stolen. Users show little confidence in businesses that fail to protect them from viruses and data breaches. Infection can destroy your hard-earned reputation, leaving you forced to pick up the pieces as your most loyal customers and clients flee for the competition. Problems with search engine optimization (SEO) and website rankings are also likely, as blacklisting is a common response to malware infections.

Can malware be removed easily?

Malware can be difficult to remove without targeted tools or expertise. First, it must be detected, and, with some especially sophisticated attacks, this can prove surprisingly challenging. Once detected, the malware can be removed manually in a lengthy process that involves identifying the source, pinpointing commonly used attacker syntax, and finally, removing the infected files. Both detection and elimination can be expedited with file transfer protocol scans, which inspect and clean at-risk files before uploading these to the host server.

How can I report malware removal from my website to Google?

To limit the impact of a malware infection on SEO, you'll need to deal with Google warnings. This begins with removing the malware and addressing vulnerabilities. You should be completely confident that your website is malware-free before you proceed. At this point, you can submit a request to Google to complete a malware review. During this process, you may need to verify site ownership and indicate which steps you've taken to resolve ongoing security issues.

After website malware removal, what comes next?

Malware removal is only the first step. If not promptly addressed, vulnerabilities that led to the most recent infection will almost certainly cause problems in the future. To prevent these, use a website monitoring tool that includes a vulnerability scanner to determine where the greatest risks lie. A web application firewall (WAF) is also essential, as this can both monitor and filter traffic, and, most importantly, block malicious requests. To prevent or address further blacklisting, continue to check Google search results and take a close look at the Google Transparency Report.

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