Vulnerability Patching

Proactive Vulnerability Patching For Websites

Website vulnerabilities are weaknesses or misconfigurations of code that hackers can exploit to gain some level of control over a website or web application. Hackers use automation tools that are constantly searching for and finding these weaknesses and then performing different types of attacks once found. For these reasons, it’s imperative for any website owner to have a patch management solution in place that will find and patch known vulnerabilities before they lead to severe security issues. Stay ahead of exploits and prevent cyberattacks by finding, removing, and fixing vulnerabilities with SiteLock’s security patching tool.

Vulnerability Scanning and Protection Capabilities

Any business disruption can be damaging, especially website downtime. This can lead to traffic loss, revenue loss, and much more. With our remediation technology, you can rest easy knowing our tool works tirelessly to find issues discovered on your website and deploy fixes.

Database Remediation

For database driven websites including WordPress, Joomla!, and MySQL, SiteLock removes malware from popular tables that are susceptible to this type of security risk.

CMS Patching

CMS applications are popular and also susceptible to attacks. Our technology safely applies individual security patches assuring that the installation is as secure as the latest version of the CMS.

eCommerce Patching

Our same patching technology is utilized with the three leading eCommerce solutions, ensuring cybercriminals cannot take advantage of vulnerabilities in your online store.

Why Use SiteLock?

Our solution is designed to eliminate security vulnerabilities, allowing you to keep your website, your customers and your business safe.

Fast, Automated Protection

Remove malware and patch vulnerabilities that could harm your online business.

Stay in the Know

Always be informed about the security of your site with automated alert emails and from your SiteLock Dashboard.

Never Miss Updates

Your website vulnerability scanner automatically patches weaknesses in the core of your CMS. This functionality allows you to apply full version upgrades when convenient.

Peace of Mind

Protect your website with automated vulnerability patching and never worry about a compromise damaging your site, reputation or bottom line.

Compatible with all types of websites

We prevent millions of hacks per day
on these platforms and more