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Website Backup Services

Businesses, especially eCommerce, need a disaster recovery plan in place in case they ever encounter issues with malware, data loss, or their website crashing. When an event like this occurs, getting your site back up and running as quickly as possible is the highest priority. Each minute of downtime can mean lost visitors and lost revenue. Backup, monitor, and recover all your website files from anywhere, anytime with a single click with SiteLock’s automatic website backup solution.

Protect Your Data with SiteLock

You've spent time and money building your business. Keep your website and the personal data it has stored safe! In the event of a compromise, either by hackers, internal error, or a crashed server, it’s important to have a backup to restore your online presence as quickly as possible.

Simple Backup Solution

Website owners can schedule automatic backups or run manual backups of all site files, folders, and databases via an FTP or SFTP connection. No remote database connection required.

Custom Restore

Whether you need to recover a single file or an entire website database, we can help. With SiteLock Website Backup, you can choose the version to restore or download your backed-up files in one click. It’s like an undo button for your website!

Secure Storage

All online backup data is encrypted in transit and stored in a secure SOC2 & HIPAA compliant data environment so website owners can be sure their data and their business are safe.

Easy Management

In the SiteLock Dashboard, you can see all the relevant information and notifications – including backup history, status, and storage space used. You can also perform certain tasks including creating daily backups, restoring files, and more.

Storage For Any Size Website

All of our plans come with options that can cover anything from a small business to an enterprise level business. Regardless of your website size, we have a backup plan to fit your needs. View our plan and pricing details here.


2 GB Website Backup

Perfect for small websites such as web blogs


5 GB Website Backup

Ideal for medium size websites or blogs


10 GB Website Backup

Storage for larger sites with more content, photos or videos

Compatible with all types of content management systems

We prevent millions of hacks per day
on these platforms and more

We work with WordPress, WooCommerce, Drupal, Magento, Microsoft, and custom websites.


Why do I need website backup?

No matter how robust your security strategy appears, your website is always vulnerable to attacks from increasingly sophisticated parties, not to mention simple human error. In the worst-case scenario, backups can limit downtime and restore functionality. This, in turn, reduces customer complaints and reputational damage. Backups can also serve a preventative function against ransomware attacks, as you'll be less inclined to give in to malicious parties and pay exorbitant ransoms if you have backups readily available. Above all else, backups provide peace of mind, which is absolutely essential given the realities of today's risk-filled digital world.

How often should I backup my website?

Frequent backups are critical, as you can never predict when your website will go down. If this happens shortly after important changes have been made, you may be forced to revert to an outdated backup. Prevent this by completing, at the absolute minimum, weekly backups. In many cases, daily backups are preferable, as these provide a reliable baseline of protection and ongoing peace of mind. While manual backups are available, automatic daily or weekly backups are recommended for full protection.

How do I backup my entire website?

Multiple options are available for backing up entire websites, especially via WordPress. Under a manual approach, this means physically backing up the site by logging into cPanel, locating public_html folders, and completing a manual compression. This is followed by downloading the .zip file and placing this on a secure hard drive. Because this process can be time-consuming and complicated, many opt to go with automated backup services configured through easy-to-navigate dashboards.

What is the easiest way to backup a website?

The ideal backup plan will automate and streamline an otherwise time-consuming process to make daily backups easier to achieve. Under this solution, files are backed up in secure servers on a regular basis. While these backups are typically completed according to a specific schedule, it is also possible to complete manual backups via third-party services. Additionally, plan-based backups of MySQL databases ensure that customer data remains secure.

What is a website backup service?

A website backup service provides the opportunity to automate backups without relying on plugins. These services are not directly affiliated with hosting plans or plugins, but rather, act as a third-party solution that remains on-call in the event of website security concerns. These services may bundle backups with other solutions such as scanning or malware removal.

How secure is online backup service?

Online third-party backup services bring an elite level of security to the backup process, as these bypass the vulnerabilities often attached to backup plugins. These vulnerabilities could potentially allow threat actors to access data or even perform functions that should be limited to administrative-level users.

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