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Websites just like yours are attacked an average of 94 times a day! Start detecting those threats today!

Our Scanning Capabilities

Strengthen your web security posture by leveraging our complete scanning tool.

Malware Scan

Our malware scan analyzes website content, flagging suspicious and malicious content and notifying you immediately of any issues to correct.

Spam Scan

This spam scan ensures your website isn’t listed in a spam database, ensuring your customer emails won't be blocked or routed to spam folders.

SQL Injection Scan

Our comprehensive scanner penetrates a site with SQL injection methods to find vulnerabilities. Uncovering and addressing these vulnerabilities prevents leaking data to hackers.

Cross-site Scripting (XSS) Scan

XSS is another common vulnerability that hackers can use to steal visitors’ data or trick visitors into providing data to third parties.

Application Scan

The application scan examines the server’s core applications, including operating system, database, and language versions such as PHP and MySQL.

SSL Scan

The web encryption an SSL certificate provides is a crucial layer in your security posture so our scan will verify if you have a valid SSL installed on your website.

Why Use SiteLock?

Trusted by over 12M websites, SiteLock can help you stay protected and understand your website's health.


Eliminate lengthy setup and onboarding times. Using your FTP/SFTP credentials you can start scanning in just a few clicks

Stay in the know

Always be informed about the security of your site with automated alert emails, SiteLock’s Risk Score, and live results from your SiteLock Dashboard.

Increase visitor trust

Build customer confidence with a SiteLock Trust Seal. Your malware scanning solution includes a security badge that lets your visitors know your site is secure and malware-free.

Peace of Mind

Protect your website with automated cybersecurity technology and never worry about a compromise damaging your site, reputation, or bottom line.

Compatible with all types of websites

We prevent millions of hacks per day
on these platforms and more

Reduce your website security risks

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