WordCamp Sacramento 2016 – The Goldrush

October 27, 2016 in SiteLock News

California’s capital held its second annual WordCamp Sacramento this weekend at Sacramento State University’s Harper Alumni Center. #WCSAC spanned two days and offered two separate tracks, Calaveras and El Dorado, in the theme of the gold rush. Compared to last year when it was just getting its legs underneath it, WCSAC has really grown into a camp to be reckoned with.


This year’s lead organizer was none other than Jennifer Bourne, whom I’d met earlier this year at WordCamp San Diego, and a rather large co-organizing group. The hallway track this year paled in comparison to the actual in-room attendance. Most of the talks were so packed they were standing room only!


After catching up with some friends from MediaTemple, I made sure to catch a couple talks myself. One of my best friends in the WordPress space, Ozzy Rodriguez, was presenting on “Developer First Design,” which I just couldn’t miss, as I’ve witnessed the designer-developer war first hand and wanted to see what advice he’d bring to the table.


Developer First Design: Make Design Great Again with Ozzy Rodriguez


Creating an Active Project Management Process with Tirzah M Johnson

After hearing some entertaining talks, catching up with a few old West Coast friends, and making many new connections, it was time for me to return to the desert and get back to the business of website security. Thank you for having me, WordCamp Sacramento!

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