WordCamp Pittsburgh 2016 Recap

September 21, 2016 in Community
This past weekend I spoke about WordPress security at the first-ever WordCamp Pittsburgh. The night before the event I was invited to a speaker dinner at a local maker space called TechShop, where we were provided a tour of the facilities and equipment, and given freshly-created speaker gifts hot off the laser.
TechShop WordCamp Pittsburgh 2016
The one-day #WCPGH took place downtown at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where it held three tracks for speakers.
Art Institute WordCamp Pittsburgh 2016
On my way to find the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, I got lost, as I often do in new cities. Fortunately for me, I was able to locate a friend who pointed me in the right direction.
T Rex statue at WordCamp Pittsburgh 2016
As the day got started, I attended Amanda Narcisi‘s talk titled “Brand Yourself,” where her emphasis was less on slides and more on creating something through your own hand–your brand. On an 8.5 x 11″ piece of paper, we each created what would become our digital identity.
After attending an additional talk by Devin Walker, I found my way to the Happiness Bar, and to gather up a few Wapuu pins. If you know me, you know I collect the little fellows. So with the help of organizer Melinda Helt, I stuffed a pouch full of them and hurried off to give my own talk.
Through my own eyes, my presentation was one of the most fluid and concise I’ve ever given and it seemed to be very well-received. Thank you to the organizers for putting my mind at ease before the session. As organizer Terri Orlowski (roughly) put it, “much like with a wedding, you can plan all you want but it will never go as planned–fortunately, nobody but you will know that.” She couldn’t have been more right. Thank you WordCamp Pittsburgh and congratulations on your inaugural WordCamp. We’re looking forward to continuing reporting our WordCamp travels!
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