WordCamp Orange County 2016 – To Infinity and Beyond

July 13, 2016 in Community

Starship WordCamp Orange County began its 48-hour voyage to boldly go where no WordCamp has gone before on July 9. The space-themed #WCOC was hosted in the Applied Innovation compound of the University of California’s Irvine campus. The event took place upstairs in an area called “The Cove,” which also contains what appeared to be various upstart companies’ offices as well as an impressive array of big-screen displays in most conference rooms. There were four tracks to host the talks, which were also themed in title, The Nebula, The Comet, The Dwarf Star and The Asteroid Field.


As a top-tier “Universe Sponsor,” the SiteLock® team set up a booth in the sponsor section of the second floor, next to the main conference room. The team gave out our famed “Secure Your Word” t-shirts to attendees. We also brought along Nate Conley as the winner of our #WCOC ticket giveaway.


In addition to SiteLock being a sponsor, I was also selected to run the camp’s Beginner Workshop on Security in The Comet with a presentation titled “WordPress Security & Plugins.” The two-hour workshop catered to all audiences with a focus on new WordPress users who may not be familiar with the path to secure their new WordPress websites.


Thankfully, between running the Security Workshop and manning the booth, I was still able to catch one talk each day:

Beyond Whitespace: Designing for Complex Content with Michelle Schulp from Marktime Media

Photo credit Bridget Willard
Photo credit Bridget Willard

How to Best Optimize Your Caching with Eugene Kovshilovsky from Media Temple


Following the first day’s events, attendees and organizers alike joined in the now-infamous WCOC karaoke after-party to showcase their vocal talents and reminisce about their ventures of varying success. I may or may not have kicked off the karaoke with Piano Man with another Evangelist. You had to be there to know for sure! The WCOC organizers have my thanks for throwing one very enjoyable WordCamp.

I hope to see you at #WCNYC this weekend and at more WordCamps and other community events in the future!

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