WordCamp Omaha 2016 – No Coasting

November 8, 2016 in SiteLock News

This past weekend took me to Nebraska to attend and speak at WordCamp Omaha. It was my first time to this camp and also to Nebraska. Omaha is a lively city with a rich history and the event was an interesting one with a unique schedule and sessions.

Lead organizer, Art Brown kicked off #WCOma detailing what to expect for new WordCampers. He also pointed out the shape of the antlers in the logo. Do you see it?

WordCamp Omaha 2016 lead organizer Art Brown

Become an Expert Your Customers Can Depend On

Marianne Worthington gave a great presentation about becoming an expert. Not in WordPress, but in your client’s field.

She suggested making phone calls to business owners to gather information about their specific needs. Not to “sell” them anything, but to make sure that whatever vertical you’re targeting with your web development and other services, that you’re providing what they actually want and need to grow their businesses.

Presentation by Marianne Worthington during WordCamp Omaha 2016

Admin Experience: The New UX

Rob Ruiz’s session focused on making updating and administrating WordPress sites much more user-friendly for the admin/site owner/client.

He suggested using Custom Post Types, the WPDB API and some creative coding, to make WordPress sites easier for ANY business or experience level of user to update and add content specific to their business.

Presentation by Rob Ruiz at WordCamp Omaha 2016

Contributing Without Code

Josepha Haden discussed the natural assumption that contributing to WordPress means you have to know how to code. The WordPress project has a number of ways to contribute code, yes, but there are many ways to give back that focus on teaching, documenting, in-person Meetups and more.

She showed us ways to get involved with the project that have nothing to do with code and where those awesome volunteers opportunities are located.

Presentation by Josepha Haden at WordCamp Omaha 2016

I Can Haz More Performanz?

Andy Melichar discussed the many factors that go into making WordPress fast. Caching, minifying, optimizing, CDN’s, web servers, and more.

He gave the crowd an in-depth look at all the technologies involved in WordPress performance and made it a little less daunting to go under the hood and start tuning.

Presentation by Andy Melichar at WordCamp Omaha 2016

Customer Information Security in E-Commerce

Andrew Wikel gave attendees solid advice on how to present and maintain a secure E-Commerce site. He went over some details on PCI compliance as well as privacy policies and general web security.
Presentation by Andy Wikel at WordCamp Omaha 2016

A Beginner’s Guide to Successful Email Marketing

This was a new talk for me. I showed why email marketing is vital to the success of any website and how attendees could get started immediately.

I discussed various ways of integrating an email marketing plan into WordPress sites and how you can start simply and grow your campaigns into a more robust system of automated emails based on different “triggers.”

It was well-attended and I received good feedback afterward. I’d like to do this talk again at a future WordCamp.

Presentation by Adam Warner at WordCamp Omaha 2016
Adam Warner - Creating Your First List

WordCamp Omaha was another great WordCamp and I was happy to be involved. As with every WordCamp, I made some new friends in the community that I’m sure I’ll be staying in touch with for the months and years to come.

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