WordCamp New Orleans 2016 – A Small Camp with Big Impact

August 16, 2016 in Community

This past weekend I represented SiteLock at WordCamp New Orleans. I was also chosen as a speaker and presented Creating a Digital Download Business – What to Sell, How to Sell It and Shortcuts to Success.

After a hiatus since 2009, #WCNOLA was held at the Lavin-Bernick Center on the beautiful and historic Tulane University campus.

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The event was well-organized, and although small in attendance in comparison to some other camps, it offered an excellent mix of speakers and topics. Unfortunately, the number of attendees was affected by flooding in the surrounding areas due to the deluge of rain received in the days before and during the camp.

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As always, sessions were interesting and informative. Here are a few of my favorites.

Content Hacking, FTW! [Grow Your Online Traffic with Epic Content]

Mallory Whitfield showed us the importance of not just creating content, but creating epic, evergreen content. She also showed specific examples of the value of returning to previously published content and updating it to gain even more traffic (and conversions).

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10 years of using WordPress at Nicholls State University

Jess Planck discussed taking the Nicholls State University site from a single test site into multiple single and Multisite WordPress installs. He also showed us how they created a collaborative environment for a multifaceted audience, including leadership buy-in, training, support and continual maintenance.

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Hardening WordPress Security

Burke Ingraffia gave the audience pointers on how to protect their self-hosted WordPress sites in order to make it harder for anyone to exploit weaknesses in your code and hosting setup.

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Lost in Translation: What I learned by Contributing to the Polyglots Team

Sonja Leix’s talked focused on the importance of translating WordPress core software, plugins and themes. She walked us through exactly how one would get started helping to translate and how WordPress theme and plugin authors can grow their products by connecting to the Polyglots community.

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Bringing Order to a Content Hoarder (an Information Architecture primer)

Anthony D. Paul taught us what to do when faced with a site that has years of disjointed content. In an eye-opening example, he showed us the exact Information Architecture concepts, tools and processes he used to organize 15,000 HTML pages.

Not only did he show us how to order this content administratively, but also how to present this on the frontend of the site so it would be easily navigable and digestible to visitors.

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Creating a Digital Download Business – What to Sell, How to Sell It, and Shortcuts to Success

My session was at the end of the day and sessions were running just a few minutes behind. I stepped up my pace more than I had intended, but by doing so, I was able to field some great questions from attendees.

Not only that, but several people shared tools and techniques that I hadn’t tried yet, so I learned too!

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WordCamp New Orleans was a successful event and I’m looking forward to heading back to the Big Easy next year! Learn more about the events we attend and the security services we offer.

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