Experiencing Creative Diversity at WordCamp Atlanta

April 23, 2018 in Community

This weekend I had the pleasure of representing SiteLock in our sponsor booth at WordCamp Atlanta, and it was an astounding experience. I find myself amazed at the wonderful and diverse crowd that every WordCamp draws. From speakers sharing their tips for success, to all of the individual attendees with their own stories to tell, the WordPress community at large is an endless fountain of inspiration, knowledge, and collaboration.

WordCamp Atlanta 2018

While working the booth, I had some great interactions with attendees of all stripes. With seasoned WordPress developers, managed service agencies, and motivated self-starters new to the community all under the same roof, it was a unique chance to discuss the goals of these individuals and the impact that security can have on them.

Between developers, hosts, owners, and users, there was a wide expanse of interests and goals for the conference. A talk on social media marketing may not reach the same ears as a Gutenberg development workshop, but a more secure WordPress is a goal shared by all. This year, with four security-focused speaker sessions, there was no shortage of interest in the subject amongst attendees. Security practices can be a tough conversation. People can be quick to handwave warnings and advice sometimes, believing themselves to be exceptions to the rule. I am overjoyed to say I experienced the opposite in my discussions with our eager boothgoers.

Plus, who wouldn’t want an awesome SiteLock webcam cover? It was worth attending just to hear dozens of people excited they can finally remove that piece of tape stuck to their laptop!

Photo Credit – #WCATL

I was personally impressed with the accessibility accommodations available during the speaker sessions. Not every conference boasts live captioning across four talk tracks, but WordCamp isn’t every conference!

The talks themselves were awesome — from Aimee Copeland’s inspiring opening keynote to Raquel Landefeld’s discussion of her experience as a community organizer — and I plan to keep an eye on WordPress.tv to catch any talks I missed.

And in true WordCamp fashion, we were treated to a great after party. Surrounded by magic tricks, balloon animals, and hors-d’oeuvres, we shared great discussions about security and the open source community with speakers, attendees, and sponsors alike.

Every WordCamp is a unique experience, and I look forward to my next chance to participate!

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