Travis Totz (Modern Tribe) – WordPress Agency Interview

August 4, 2016 in Community

We recently caught up with Travis Totz at WordCamp Boston. He’s a Senior Web Strategist at Modern Tribe. In this interview, Travis gives us insight into the inner workings of daily life at a thriving digital agency.

He also shares how WordPress has been an integral part of building his career and several successful businesses.

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Travis Totz:

My name is Travis Totz. I am a senior web strategist at Modern Tribe. Basically what that means is, I take projects from start to completion, and shepherd them all the way through. A lot of people might call it an account exec or something like that, but we really think about strategy at Modern Tribe as being very focused on how to build successful projects for our clients. That’s why the lead strategist role on a new project is super important. I’m also fortunate enough to work with our CEO Shane Pearlman to really push forward our new business efforts and so forth. Onboarding new clients, putting together proposals and estimates, is also part of my job.

My Twitter handle is just travistotz, that’s T-R-A-V-I-S, T-O-T-Z, like tater tots with a Z.

When did you start with WordPress?

Yeah, so that’s a good one and I think I first started with WordPress about 10 or 11 years ago. It was a pretty early version, 1.8 or 2 or something like that. We were looking for a CMS, because at the time I was working at an agency doing design and front-end development and we were just hard-coding everything. Right? Our clients were really start to be savvy on the idea of wanting to edit content themselves, and we looked at a bunch, and we ultimately went with WordPressing. Since then, it’s been my go to content management system moving forward and, obviously, has brought me to where I am today.

What was your biggest WordPress win?

Biggest WordPress win? That’s a great question and a loaded one. I think that my biggest win, individually, with WordPress was the idea of simply using it and being consistent in using it and sticking with it. Individually, it’s been able to drive me to start businesses, successful businesses, with hiring people and having large clients on our docket, and it’s also allowed me to build my personal brand. I think that within the WordPress community you’re able to grow as an individual and really create the type of role, the type of job, the type of situation that you want to be in, because there’s a lot of opportunities. That’s not only with potential employers, that’s also for yourself if you’re an entrepreneur and that’s also with clients. Many people … I think we’re seeing even more shifts to using WordPress. That’s individually. From the other standpoint, my biggest win at an organization level was the ability to build a business on WordPress. We’ve built a couple and it’s a pretty amazing feeling to be able to do that, not just myself, but with other individuals.

Where do you see WordPress in two years?

Where do I see WordPress in two years is a unique question, because I answered a similar question at the beginning of 2016. I think the answer has become even more clear. I think there’s even more clarity that WordPress as a platform is moving more in the realm of JavaScript. I think we’re seeing that by Automattic, as an organization, pushing the use and knowledge and learning of JavaScript on the WordPress platform. I think we’re also seeing JavaScript just within the web in general growing to be so much more than just a language to make things look cool. We’re really seeing headless WordPress systems be able to be built on the WordPress API using things like React. I think things like that we’ll continue to see more of and I think in two years it’ll maybe even be this idea of WordPress maybe being built on JavaScript. You never know. Two years will go by faster than I think we all realize. I think we’ll see more focus in JavaScript and we’ll see more people adopt WordPress, which is an obvious answer with its growth rate and percentage of growth within the past five, ten years. I think that’s definitely where I would see it.

Superman or Batman?


Star Wars or Star Trek?

I’m going to have to go with Star Wars.

Faster or Slower?



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