Reaching New Levels at Prestige Conference 2016

May 27, 2016 in Community

Prestige Conference was held immediately following WordCamp Minneapolis, and just a few blocks away at the University of St. Thomas, allowing many WordPressers, such as myself, to pull a double feature in the friendly city of Minneapolis. If you’re not familiar with Prestige, it’s a premium business and career development conference. While not exclusively a WordPress event, the speakers and attendees were predominantly from the WordPress space, offering their familiar flavor of camaraderie and open-source collaboration.

Prestige Conference - University of St. Thomas

After attending many consecutive WordCamps, Prestige was an interesting change of pace from the WordPress foundation’s WordCamp format, with a more prevalent business development feel and more matter-of-fact subject matter. In contrast to WordCamp Minneapolis’ many tracks for talks, Prestige gave its full attention to one speaker at a time in the main auditorium. Thanks to this more focused and intimate approach, I was able to attend nearly every talk, including:

● “The Helpful Culture: How Giving Small Businesses A Hand Up Can Expand Your Brand, Build Your Business, and Fill Your Pipeline” – Jeff King, Senior Vice President of Hosting, GoDaddy
● “Marketing WordPress Themes and Plugins: What Works? What Doesn’t?” – Charlie Patel, CEO, 99 Robots
● “Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket!” – Brian Messenlehner, Co-Founder, CTO of WebDevStudios
● “Consistency Establishes Reputation: Brand Platform Strategies To Ensure You Are Remembered, Respected, And Referred” – Jennifer Bourn, Founder, Creative Director, and Digital Strategist, Bourn Creative
● “The Importance of Estimating: An Exploration of Estimating Philosophy, Methodology, and Practical Application to Scalable Resource Planning” – Jess Jurick, VP of Client Delivery, 10up
● “Running Your Project with Enterprise-Grade Account Management” – Karim Marucchi, CEO, Crowd Favorite

jeff king prestige conference 2016
Jeff King

brian messenlehner prestige conference 2016
Brian Messenlehner

jess jurick prestige conference 2016
Jess Jurick

karim marucchi at prestige conference 2016
Karim Marucchi

Walking away from Prestige I feel inspired by these innovative entrepreneurs to never stop building and improving, and that zeal is contagious. Press forward to that next product feature. Surpass that next goal in service. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well at Prestige and I can’t wait to see what these good folks put together next.

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