Decoding Security 111: Email Security Mistakes

January 30, 2018 in SiteLock Podcast

Looking for a date in time for Valentine’s Day? If you’re using Tinder, be careful when swiping right. Cybersecurity researchers discovered security flaws in the popular dating app that could allow hackers to discover users’ private data and personal preferences, like the photos of users they’ve swiped right or left on. In other cybersecurity news, a cybercrime “conglomerate” named Zirconium has been found responsible for the largest malvertising operation of 2017. Using a network of 28 fake ad agencies, Zirconium strategically placed ads that led users to malicious websites pushing scams or fake software updates. The campaigns were so successful – and so sneaky – that they generated 1 billion ad views in 2017.

Even if you’re careful about which ads you click, your email habits could be riskier than you realize. Our hosts, Research Analysts Ramuel Gall and Topher Tebow (filling in for Jessica Ortega) share simple tips for avoiding everyday email security mistakes.

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