Decoding Security 114: Spring Cleaning

March 6, 2018 in SiteLock Podcast

Gearing up for another annual spring cleaning? Add a digital deep clean to your to-do list! Our hosts, Jessica Ortega and Ramuel Gall, share easy and valuable tips for conducting a digital spring clean of your website and everyday devices. With their help, you’ll be able to spring into the rest of the year with updated and more secure devices!

The Research team at SiteLock is making cybersecurity news with the recent discovery a new malware strain dubbed “ionCube malware.” This new strain of malware has been found on more than 800 small business websites in the two weeks since it was discovered. Be sure to read our blog post for all the details, including how to spot the signs and mitigate a possible infection.

Additionally, an anti-hacking bill introduced in the Georgia state legislature could limit the efforts of ethical hackers and cybersecurity researchers, critics say. Our hosts discuss what this could mean for the industry.

Exciting news: Decoding Security is now on Spotify! Not on Spotify? You can always subscribe and check out past episodes on YouTube, iTunes or Google Play.

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