Decoding Security 108: 2017 – The Year Everyone Got Hacked

December 19, 2017 in Data Breach, SiteLock Podcast

2017 was a big year for malware, hacks, and data breaches. Voting machines proved to be easily hackable, Uber was caught paying off cybercriminals, and of course, Equifax experienced a breach that affected 140 million Americans. On the latest episode of Decoding Security, security analysts Jessica Ortega, Ramuel Gall, and producer/security analyst Topher Tebow count down the top ten cybersecurity issues of the past year.

In more recent cybersecurity news, the FCC’s decision to repeal Net Neutrality goes to the Senate, where it will be decided whether or not to block the decision or let it stand. Your hosts discuss the facts and what happens next. They also cover two WordPress vulnerabilities that were found last week. The first is a keylogger that was discovered on 5,400 WordPress sites. The second is a strain of malware found in pirated premium WordPress themes, which adds a backdoor account to a site that can be used to execute attacks at a later time. And finally, a variation of a 19-year-old vulnerability may bring about the end of RSA encryption. Known as the ROBOT Attack, the vulnerability can record and decrypt traffic on any site using RSA encryption – including Facebook and PayPal.

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