Decoding Bytes Episode 4: Facing the Consequences

August 1, 2018 in SiteLock Podcast, SiteLock Videos

On our last installment of Decoding Bytes, our experts explained what it means when your hosting provider suspends your website. Did you know that a suspended website is not the only consequence of having an insecure website? In fact, in Q1 2018, 37% of website owners who had a cyberattack on their website reported that the attack damaged their profitability.

In this week’s series finale of Decoding Bytes, our hosts Ryan Austin and Jessica Ortega discuss the potential fallout from a successful cyberattack. These consequences can range from being removed from search engine listings to defaced websites, and damaged customer trust. They’ll also give you some tips for securing your website and avoiding these consequences. There are solutions available for websites of all shapes and sizes including malware scanners and web application firewalls.

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