Decoding Bytes Episode 2: What’s a Host Got to Do With It?

July 18, 2018 in SiteLock Podcast

On last week’s episode, SiteLock experts answered a common question: who is responsible for website security? The answer came as a surprise to some. With nearly half of website owners believing that their hosting provider is in charge of their site’s security, some viewers may be left wondering what exactly their hosting provider is responsible for.

In this week’s episode of Decoding Bytes, Jessica Ortega and Ryan Austin discuss the role hosting providers play when it comes to security: securing the servers. Much like an apartment complex is responsible for ensuring the building is secured, hosts too must secure their servers and networks. However, as a hosting provider’s tenant, website owners are in charge of locking their own doors and windows.

For more information on keeping your website secure, check out SiteLock’s podcast, Decoding Security, and tune in next week when Decoding Bytes returns to discuss website suspensions.

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