Brandee Segraves (Engaging Brand Solutions) – WordPress Community Interview

October 11, 2016 in Community

I met Brandee Segraves at WordCamp Fayetteville the day she gave her talk, “Keeping Content Marketing Authentic.” Brandee, a local to Fayetteville, Arkansas, shared with me that this was her first time speaking at a WordCamp. Brandee is the CEO at Engaging Brand Solutions, a local agency that goes beyond what you’d normally expect from an agency, as we hear in the footage. As a WordPress user, an agency owner, and a first-time speaker, I could not resist the opportunity to interview her.

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>> Question: What brings you to WordCamp?

>> Brandy Segraves: Well really it was to get out and meet a lot more people who are in this
community because I think that when you get together with like-mindsets, then it really helps
you expand your own. I think that that was one of the biggest things about coming here. Also,
just meeting other people who needed to know what it is that we offer as well, and being here to
answer their questions.

>> Question: Which talks are you most looking forward to?

>> Brandy Segraves: Really, I was looking forward to Rebecca Hayden’s, with her “Analytics &
Data-Driven SEO” because I’m a huge nerd when it comes to analytics and I love the psychology
behind what makes people want to do things and how to integrate it into your marketing.

>> Question: What does your organization do?

>> Brandy Segraves: At Engaging Brand Solutions we offer content marketing, social media
marketing, and websites for small businesses. We also want to partner with freelancers to teach
them how to create a portfolio so that they’re not giving their work away for free. We actually
allow them to create quality content and actually grow. It’s a partnership that helps the small
businesses out as well, because they typically can’t afford the really high-priced firms.

>> Question: How long have you been using WordPress?

>> Brandy Segraves: We’ve been using WordPress off and on for quite some time. I would say
probably since maybe 2006 or 2007 we started messing around with some of it. When we actually
started developing the business we started using it a lot more, but we’ve actually just recently
gone to “we use it exclusively” now and we’ve converted most of our clients who were using other
platforms to WordPress because it’s easier for us to teach them how to use their own platforms
now as opposed to just us handling it. We like the way we can educate the clients.

>> Question: Cowboys or Aliens?

>> Brandy Segraves: Cowboys. I’m southern at heart, I have to side with the cowboys. I was
raised on a horse farm too, so…

>> Question: Sharks or Snakes?

>> Brandy Segraves: Sharks. Sharks are just– one, they live in the water which is so much more
fun than living on land, especially in the summer heat, and they’re just a lot more bad ass.

>> Question: Faster or Slower?

>> Brandy Segraves: Faster. Absolutely faster. Especially if it comes to cars, I mean who wants
a slow car? They want fast. If it’s website, or internet-based, who wants to sit there forever
and watch the little wheel twirl? They want it now.

Oh crap. You’re gonna have to pause that one. Start over.


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