WordCamp San Diego – Kind of a Big Deal

March 31, 2017 in Community

This past weekend we found ourselves at WordCamp San Diego… and it was classy. This came as no surprise as the WordCamp theme was “Stay Classy,” a line taken from the comedy gem Anchorman set in the same city. SiteLock was a Gold sponsor (classy!) and along with our seasoned WordCamp goer Adam Warner, our own Web Security Consultant Managers, JC Bustillos and Evan Richardson, also attended the event.

Getting Advanced in Advance

wordcamp san diego

San Diego is home to the Advanced WordPress Meetup Group. This group consists of 457 members in and around the San Diego area. The night before WCSD started, they held a meeting and streamed it live on Facebook. It was a panel discussion featuring James Laws, founder of NinjaForms, and Michael Tieso, developer advocate at WooCommerce. It was a great warm-up to a full WordCamp weekend, whether you were there in person or watching online.

Our Sponsor Experience

wordcamp san diego

WCSD was held at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in the heart of San Diego. The venue had ample room and the organizers did a great job positioning the sponsor tables near various session rooms. This allowed us to meet other WordPress enthusiasts and hear about their favorite talks!

We want to give a special shout-out the event’s lead organizer, Kim Blake, for helping us get creative with our display when we found ourselves with tables that were too large for our table covers. Thanks, Kim!

Understanding and Supporting Web Accessibility

wordcamp san diego

Rachel Carden did an excellent job explaining the inclusive practice of removing barriers that prevent interaction with, or access to, websites by people with disabilities. This includes the use of screen readers by those who are visually impaired and those who can’t use a mouse and need to navigate websites using a keyboard or other input device.

User Experience Matters – A Lot

wordcamp san diego

In her session “User Experience is More Than Hamburger Menus”, Chris Ford discussed one of the most difficult user experience hurdles to overcome: teaching people how to use them. She explained the user experience theory in detail and provided facts and best practices. The crowd was left with actionable advice they could implement immediately.

Women Who WP

San Diego is also home to another popular Meetup group named Women Who WP, started by Jen Miller, Bridget Willard, and Elizabeth Shilling. It’s no surprise that many of those group members also attended WordCamp San Diego.

Their mission is simple:

To inspire, connect, challenge, and educate women throughout the WordPress community through referrals, networking, workshops and mentorship focused on professional development and WordPress.

Adam Warner joined the group for dinner and even put forth his best effort to model the “Rosie the Riveter” bandana featured on the official Wapuu. It only took a few YouTube video tutorials to get it right.

In Summary

The entire organizing team did a fine job of putting on a “classy” event. We can’t wait to come again next year!

Until then… stay classy, San Diego.

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