Why Is Cybersecurity Important? 3 Reasons Businesses Needs SiteLock

September 18, 2018 in Small Business

Website security is a key component in the success of your business. Revenue loss, stolen customer data, and reputation damage aren’t exclusive to headline-making data breaches – they can have devastating effects on businesses of any size. Fortunately, any website can defend against cyberthreats with the right security in place. SiteLock not only protects your business, but helps it thrive. Here are the top three reasons why every business needs SiteLock:

1. Your hosting provider protects your server, not your site.

Despite common misconceptions, hosting providers secure the server a site is hosted on, not the website itself. Website owners are responsible for protecting their sites from the malware and DDoS attacks that can harm their business. Think of website security like an apartment building – management secures the building, but it’s up to each tenant to lock their doors and windows.

SiteLock solutions protect your website by looking for and removing malware, scanning for vulnerabilities that can lead to malware infections, and blocking DDoS attacks that could slow or crash your site. You get enterprise-level protection at a price any business can afford.

2. You need a full-time expert on a part-time budget.

Small business owners are aware of the importance of cybersecurity, but find it challenging to deal with and often put it on the back burner as a result. A compromised website can add up to thousands in cleanup costs and lost revenue, but you can prevent cyberattacks for the price of your daily latte (or less). SiteLock makes website security easy, available, and affordable to businesses of any size. Our efficient solutions look for malware, vulnerabilities, and other threats automatically, alerting you immediately if any issues are found. Our U.S.-based support team is also available 24/7/365.

3. It’s the secret to small business success.

If customers can’t access your site or suspect it is unsafe, your reputation and bottom line will take a hit. Fortunately, with SiteLock, you can…

Protect your customers’ private information

SiteLock data shows that 65 percent of consumers who have had their information stolen no longer shop online or refuse to return to the site that compromised their information. Cybercriminals can easily obtain customer information using backdoors and other types of malware. Fortunately, SiteLock prevents those very attacks by scanning for over 10 million known malware threats every day.

Prevent blacklisting

Compromised websites often experience a dramatic loss in traffic as a result of search engine blacklisting, the practice of protecting visitors from malware. Blacklisting impacts both direct and organic website traffic by placing a warning on the site that turns visitors away, and removing the site from search results if the malware is not removed from the site. A website scanner from SiteLock ensures your site is easily accessible to your visitors by scanning for and removing known malware on a daily basis, catching infections long before search engines do.

Prevent host suspension

A “suspended by host” message in place of your website not only appears questionable and unprofessional, but keeps customers from accessing your site. Hosts will take an infected site offline to prevent malware from spreading to that site’s server and the other websites hosted on it. SiteLock keeps your site online and available to customers by finding and removing known malware automatically.

With complete website security you can afford, you can prevent cyberattacks that can cause data theft, reputation damage, and revenue loss. It’s possible with SiteLock. Find a plan that works for you or watch SiteLock reviews from three small business owners that saved themselves from cyberattacks.

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