Decoding Security 121: Is Your Website Certifiable?

Gamers and music lovers alike may want to reset their passwords after reading the latest headlines. Last week, gaming client Steam announced they had found, and fixed, a severe security flaw that left local systems vulnerable for the past 10 years. The vulnerability would have allowed cybercriminals to infect any of its 15 million users with malware. A few days earlier, ticket distribution website Ticketfly fell victim to a cyberattack. The cybercriminal responsible defaced the website and claims to have a file of user and customer information taken from its database.

If these headlines have you worried about your own site’s security, never fear. Security Analysts Jessica Ortega and Ramuel Gall will get you started with an overview of SSL certificates. Tune in and find out why this measure of security has become so important for all websites, how it works, and why all websites need to use it.

For more easy ways small businesses can protect themselves from cyberattacks, check out our previous episode No Small Thing. Be sure to subscribe on YouTube, and listen on Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play!

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