The 7 Biggest Cybersecurity Scoops from February 2015

February 17, 2015 in Cybersecurity News
Cyber security February 2015

One year ago in February, the major eBay hack was in progress, eventually resulting in over 233 million passwords being stolen. Fast forward to 2015, and we’ve had several trending cyber security issues appear in just these first few weeks.

Below are 7 trending cyber security stories that you should read for February 2015.

1. Anthem Cyber Attack

Healthcare company Anthem was hacked near the beginning of February, resulting in the theft of over 80 million PII records, including Social Security numbers, birthdays, email/mailing addresses, employment information and income data of current subscribers, former subscribers and employees. Take a look at the New York Times’ coverage of the data breach here for more insight.

2. 10 Million Passwords Leaked Online

Security consultant Mark Burnett leaked 10 million usernames and passwords online through his personal blog last week, in a very risky move. Fortunately, the data was taken from random samples of passwords and data dumps already leaked previously online through sites like haveibeenpwned and pwnedlist. You can read why Mark leaked the passwords here on his personal blog. Do you agree or disagree with Mark’s decision?

3. Internet Explorer Vulnerability Discovered

Earlier this month, a security researcher discovered a major security flaw in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser. The vulnerability allows hackers to create malicious phishing attacks and inject code into user’s browsers. Read the full story here on Hot for Security.

4. 2015 Cyber Security Risks

TechRadar recently posted an article covering the top seven cyber security risks that businesses should be aware of for 2015. The guide covers web applications, plugins, third-party websites, password strength and more. You can read it here.

5. The Internet of Things and Cyber Security

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become of the most popular technologies in recent years, connecting real-world devices with the internet – such as connected cars, wearables and even virtual reality headsets.

One concern with IoT has been security – how much is the Internet of Things exposed to cyber threats, and how are they affected? The Infosec Institute recently wrote a topic on the subject, which can be read here.

6. Worst Passwords of 2014

Did you know that “123456” is the most popular password, with “password” coming in second? Unfortunately, people still aren’t using secure passwords, according to a new report by password management company SplashData.

To see the rest of the results, check out this article on CNET.

7. Heartbleed: Almost a Year Later

Heartbleed first surfaced last spring, but it’s not completely gone yet. While most companies that use OpenSSL (the technology that Heartbleed exploits) have patched and fixed the problem, many still haven’t, opening up lots of gaps.

Fortunately, there’s a possible legislative fix to help make the bug obsolete. Take a look at VentureBeat’s refresher on the topic here.

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