Benefits of Providing a Customer Facing Dashboard for Data

When customers purchase a SiteLock product, they gain instant access to a SiteLock Dashboard where they can manage their solutions and obtain important security-related information in a simple, intuitive fashion. In late June 2021, SiteLock updated and redesigned the user experience so that our customer dashboards are even more helpful. In this post we’re breaking down why dashboards for data are beneficial to users, and why if you’re partnering with cybersecurity companies that aren’t offering customer dashboards you could be missing out on prime sales opportunities.

Dashboards for Data: Key Benefits

As a channel partner, regardless of who you are partnering with, the goal is simple – make more sales. Not only does it benefit you by adding revenue to your bottom line, it benefits your users because they have gained access to new products and services. When you choose to partner with a company that provides customer dashboards, you’re giving your end users the following benefits:

1. Transparency

Dashboards for data provide a level of transparency to the customer on product performance. The raw information tells them everything they need to know about the state of security related to the products they are using. For example, if they have purchased a web application firewall (WAF), they can see whether or not it is active and view pertinent details related to it. If they have malware scanning and vulnerability scanning products, their dashboard will display critical information at a glance as well.

2. Real-Time Data

In the world of cybersecurity, timing is of the essence. With SiteLock’s dashboards for data, you can provide your end users with real time data. This information lets them know where their site is at risk, performance results of the product, important messages they should be aware of and more.

3. Bird’s Eye View in One Place

Few things are as frustrating for a user than the need to log into multiple accounts to get a full status report of the state of their cybersecurity. When you’re partnering with SiteLock, you can rest assured that your customers will enjoy a one-stop-shop. All of their SiteLock products will be listed in their customer dashboards in one location so they don’t have to hunt and peck to find out if their website is at risk.

Why You Should Use Dashboards for Data as An Evaluating Tool

At SiteLock, we understand that there are many companies that you could partner with. However, we also understand that not all of them are using customer dashboards. Here are a few reasons you should use dashboards for data as an evaluation tool as you debate which companies would be best to partner with:

1. Increased Customer Satisfaction

Customer dashboards provide a seamless user experience that can provide increased customer satisfaction. Your end users want to see that their websites are being defended. They want proof that they are secure. Dashboards for data gives them the evidence that you can back up your promise of defending them with the products you are selling.

2. Decreased Churn

Want to know one of the biggest reasons people cancel product subscriptions? According to Verafast, one of the top seven reasons customers cancel is because they “did not see the short-term or long-term value of your services.”

Dashboards for data give you a visual way to communicate your product value. Users can see, in real-time, how the product is benefiting them. And, with every report of blocked hacking attempts and/or vulnerabilities patched, they are less likely to cancel.

3. Easy to Use

Lack of knowledge is another big reason people cancel their subscriptions – this can mean knowledge of how to use the product and/or how to integrate it. This is where SiteLock will help you in your sales proposition again. Your end users will enjoy simple integration. There is less work and understanding required to build all of that detail in their own dashboard. Cybersecurity doesn’t have to be complicated, and SiteLock helps ensure your customers will be able to see and understand the threats they are being defended from.

Elements Customer Dashboards Should Have For Cybersecurity Products

Just a few of the elements our dashboards for data feature that we dare say every cybersecurity company should offer include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Intuitive look/feel
  • Easy to understand product performance details
  • Report generator
  • Manage products/services
  • Ease of contacting support

We are proud to say that SiteLock’s customer dashboards feature all of these elements and more. Ready to partner with a company that cares more about delivering maximum value to your end users? Learn how the SiteLock channel partner program works, and apply today!

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