Say Hello To The New SiteLock Dashboard!

Say Hello To The New SiteLock Dashboard!

Discover an interface redesigned for easier navigation, deeper visibility, and smoother integrations—delivering loyal SiteLock customers a user experience that empowers stronger security awareness in a time of heightened cybercrime.

Introducing the new SiteLock Dashboard, updated to deliver all of the same account, product, and support information you know and love, with enhanced capabilities and features. The latest dashboard innovation offers users a more intuitive interface, visual design, and elevated user experience—bringing simplicity and streamlined navigation to every interaction.

Of course, the improvements are more than just aesthetic. Explore a revamped layout that provides the most important security details you need to understand the health and safety of your domain(s) in real-time and leverage them to make the most informed security decisions possible.

With the new SiteLock Dashboard, users are immediately alerted to any security threats, and easy-to-use, automated controls make managing and neutralizing them easy. With accurate and comprehensive cybersecurity information at your fingertips, you can view any account or product details with the click of a button. Seamlessly access our multilingual dashboard and be empowered to take control of your security once and for all—maintaining a good and stable security posture with ease.

As you explore the new SiteLock Dashboard, do it all with the reassurance that you’re ready to lean into what’s new—and next—in the cybersecurity space. The new dashboard layout will better support the addition of SiteLock product offerings down the line, so you can reap the benefits of a scalable, sustainable solution today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

The State Of Cybersecurity Today

As the internet continues to evolve and more of our lives migrate online, there’s no question that cybercrime is on the rise. But in 2020, what was once a steady shift quickly became an explosion. Virtually overnight, hundreds of thousands of businesses transitioned to remote work in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Suddenly, there was exponentially more data up for grabs—and cybercriminals were well aware that many of these companies had failed to institute the proper security precautions in the name of speed and convenience. Almost immediately, cybercrime skyrocketed.

According to the Verizon Business 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report, 86% of the investigated breaches in the past year were financially driven. 70% of those breaches were caused by external actors or cybercriminals, and 67% included credential theft and social attacks including phishing and business email compromises. Between 2019 and 2020, web application breaches doubled. Stolen credentials were used in over 80% of these cases, a concerning statistic as more and more business-critical workflows move to the cloud. Given the largely continued—and in some cases, permanent—remote work policies of businesses, these trends are unlikely to let up in 2021.

It’s not just that cybercrime is rising; it’s also getting more sophisticated. The same study points toward smarter ransomware attacks persisting in 2021. Instead of simply locking users out of their systems for ransom, many hackers are turning to data extortion and data leaks to put more pressure on companies. As companies purchase more software solutions to expand their businesses, support digital transformation, and accommodate the growing work-from-anywhere culture, hackers are increasingly attacking companies through the software they use—and they’re getting even better at covering their tracks.

As cyber threats mount and the stakes continue to grow, both individuals and companies need to evolve, gaining the tools, solutions, and knowledge necessary to properly defend themselves and protect their data from bad actors. The good news? Cybersecurity professionals are here to help. With the right cybersecurity measures in place—and a professional team on the job—you can ensure that your threat detection is up to par, that the visibility and insights you need are available, and that if a threat does break through, you and your team are equipped to neutralize and prevent it from happening again.

The bottom line? We are evolving with you to face these threats, and the updated SiteLock Dashboard’s latest developments are a significant piece of that. See below to explore the difference between your current dashboard display and the new and improved, enhanced version—and immediately feel the difference in your cybersecurity confidence.

Old vs. New: The SiteLock Dashboard

The current SiteLock Dashboard delivers instant threat notifications, as well as real-time information including scan summaries, traffic analysis, remediation advice, and various support options. Within the existing SiteLock Dashboard, users are able to quickly and intuitively understand the health and security of their domain(s), review performance details related to active products, and easily manage their services. It’s simple, seamless, and secure—and it’s all available on a single platform.

The current SiteLock Security Dashboard offers the following features:

  • Threat detection with real-time notifications.
  • Real-time information delivery (product details, account details, billing information, scan summaries, traffic analysis, remediation advice, and various support options).
  • Accurate and real-time measure of your domain(s) health.
  • Key performance details related to your active products.
  • Comprehensive management of services and solutions.

The enhanced SiteLock Dashboard offers all this and more. The updated model takes the best of the existing SiteLock Dashboard and elevates it, delivering users a more streamlined user experience and more intuitive design layout while transforming data into insights through dynamic, at-a-glance displays and reporting. Dive deeper into your data with a revamped product that lets you evolve with the times, and ultimately, do what matters most: better prevent cybersecurity threats.

The updated SiteLock Security Dashboard offers the following enhanced features:

  • Powerful product drill-down ability. Gain the ability to “drill down” into product cards for more detailed security information. This includes backup quota usage, scan dates, custom scan statistics, and list of Web Application Firewall (WAF) features.
  • Separation between account-level and site-level subscriptions. View your subscriptions in a more intuitive way, easily accessing the information you need, right when you need it.
  • New Max Risk Score calculation and display. SiteLock users whose subscriptions include the SiteLock Risk Score will now see the highest risk score across all their account’s domains highlighted at the top of the dashboard, under an icon called “Max Risk Score.” The update enables users to see—with just a quick glance—whether any of their sites are at risk.

How Is The SiteLock Risk Score Calculated?

The SiteLock Risk Score is a proprietary, predictive model used to determine a website’s likelihood of compromise. The solution looks at three main categories to determine risk:

  1. Website complexity: Takes into account factors such as size and whether you use a database to store your customer information.
  2. Website popularity: Determined by traffic metrics and social media presence.
  3. Website composition: Analyzes the software and other components used to build your site.

SiteLock then looks at 500+ different website variables to calculate your risk score on a scale of low, medium, and high. A low-risk score means your site is just as likely to be compromised as the average website, a medium risk score means your site is six times more likely to be compromised than the average website, and a high-risk score means your site is 12 times more likely to be compromised than the average website. For questions about your risk score, contact the SiteLock Dashboard support team.

  • Updated layout, design, and color palette. Enjoy a simplified navigation through the revamped visual design and get the most common information you seek with even greater efficiency and ease.

From increased efficiency to stronger customer satisfaction and more, both customers and channel partners are positioned to reap the benefits—one improvement at a time.

Top Benefits For SiteLock Customers And Channel Partners

Here’s how the new dashboard will level up both day-to-day use and long-term ROI for both SiteLock customers and channel partners alike:

  • Improved user management. Find important information quicker and easier with a more intuitive navigation and streamlined data presentation.
  • Enhanced security education. Build security knowledge and awareness with new features, including a more prominent display of the SiteLock Risk Score and product “drill down” cards to obtain additional details on each SiteLock product.
  • Single product dashboard. Rest easy knowing that all updates occur in the same, reliable dashboard you are used to allowing continued and convenient management of all your SiteLock products without any of the growing pains of an entirely new solution.

In addition, the new SiteLock dashboard provides channel partners with the ability to gain a competitive edge in the market by offering a more powerful and proactive security management experience for their customers, while also helping them attract new customers and increase revenue.

The Future Of The SiteLock Dashboard

As a SiteLock customer or channel partner, you know that we’re never done evolving. Continually updating and improving our products is what we do, and it’s a large part of the value we deliver to loyal SiteLock users like you. As we continue to grow as an organization and expand our product portfolio, we will continue to deliver more sophisticated and powerful features and functionalities—driving innovations that allow you to dig deeper into your security data, improve your security awareness, and remain ever-secure in a rapidly changing, increasingly complex cybercrime landscape.

Optimized to accommodate smoother product integrations and better support additional SiteLock products going forward, the newly updated SiteLock Dashboard was created with the future and all of its possibilities in mind. With this update, you’ll gain both a powerful new dashboard design and a steppingstone to all that’s to come in one of the world’s most cutting-edge, high-impact industries. Of course, it goes without saying—every one of these groundbreaking developments will be in the name of one goal: to prioritize your protection.

While we hope you enjoy the new SiteLock Dashboard and the enhanced user experience, customer satisfaction, and data visibility that it delivers, we also hope you know that the new SiteLock Dashboard is only the beginning—and we’re all looking forward to what’s next.

To begin exploring the new and improved SiteLock Dashboard, login to your SiteLock account. If you need to get started on your cybersecurity journey with website security get in touch with us today. If you want to partner with SiteLock and expand your product offerings to your customers, fill out this form.

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