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July 9, 2021 in Behind the Code

Technical Articles from SiteLock’s Malware Research Team (SMRT)

Welcome to Behind the Code, a new series of technical articles from SiteLock.

Driven by the efforts of the SiteLock Malware Research Team (SMRT), this series is aimed at providing readers with a unique lens “behind the code,” sharing interesting information regarding malware findings, website advice, and trending security news. This monthly series will also feature technical analysis, observations and statements, all from the perspective of SMRT.

As the world grows more connected, cyber criminals find new ways to breach our defenses and access our most sensitive data. The reason is simple: increased interconnectivity means there’s more data up for grabs. Thus, the cybersecurity landscape continues to expand and evolve, making the internet a more dangerous place. According to our 2020 Annual Security Report (ASR), websites are attacked an average of 94 times per day. The same research found that at any given moment, 12.8 million websites get infected with malware. The threat isn’t slowing down. In fact, these attacks are becoming even more sophisticated and complex—and harder to detect.

The sooner a new threat is detected, the sooner it can be dealt with. That’s where SMRT comes in. Our team of cybersecurity analysts conduct innovative research at the forefront of the cybersecurity industry, by identifying, addressing, and remediating new strains of malware and other vulnerabilities more quickly than competitors. The speed at which we edge out the competition is due, in part, to SiteLock’s extensive threat library: the industry’s largest, consisting of more than 10M signatures (and growing). SMRT continuously reviews suspicious new code to identify burgeoning threats—and also to better serve SiteLock customers as a trusted advisor, keeping them continually protected and proactively informed. Customers are crucial participants in the threat discovery process; simply conducting a routine cleaning on a client’s website allows SMRT research analysts to isolate new malware and other security-related issues that can impact SiteLock’s customer base, or the cybersecurity landscape at large.

A typical day for a SMRT research analyst might include discovering unique exploits, new malware encoding techniques, and a wide range of nefarious software and dangerous applications. Through Behind the Code, we’re excited to share these discoveries with you, from the perspectives of SMRT research analysts on the front lines in the fight against cybercrime.

Each Behind the Code installment features an inside look at the latest discoveries and trends in malware, helping readers stay educated, aware, and proactive within the ever-evolving and ever more perilous cybersecurity environment. Plus, readers can look forward to receiving critical and accessible cybersecurity information on how newly identified malware may affect them—and how they can best protect themselves against these threats..

Follow Behind the Code, hitting the SiteLock blog each month. To learn more about website security, contact us at (866) 218-4302.

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