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Behind The Code

Malware In GitHub Repositories


It is unsurprising to find malware hosted on GitHub. GitHub, being a free website specifically geared towards hosting and deploying code for millions of people and organizations, which makes it an ideal location for malicious actors to hide their own code. Whether pulling from their own repositories or pulling from the handy collections of malware analysts, bad actors have a handy location for their malware to reside.

Behind the Code

Technical Articles from SiteLock’s Malware Research Team (SMRT)

Welcome to Behind the Code, a new series of technical articles from SiteLock.

Driven by the efforts of the SiteLock Malware Research Team (SMRT), this series is aimed at providing readers with a unique lens “behind the code,” sharing interesting information regarding malware findings, website advice, and trending security news. This monthly series will also feature technical analysis, observations and statements, all from the perspective of SMRT.

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