Top 4 Reasons Why You Need a SiteLock VPN

March 4, 2019 in Small Business

Take a minute and think about how many times public Wi-Fi has been a source of major convenience for you. Now, think about how many times you have checked your bank account or logged into your social media on a public Wi-Fi connection. Did you know browsing personal account information on a public network is potentially unsafe and can put both your data and privacy at risk? This is why using a VPN for secure browsing can help protect your data while using public network.

Hackers have the skill to intercept every piece of information you browse on a public network because they play the “man in the middle”. In this scenario, when you browse online, your activity is being broadcasted to a hacker who is already monitoring your activity before you view your desired website, thus making the hacker the “man in the middle.”

With so many people utilizing public Wi-Fi for personal and business reasons, the need for cybersecurity protection goes beyond just your websites and local computers. The personal information you enter from your smartphone or laptop, such as your username and passwords, can be intercepted on a public Wi-Fi connection for someone to steal and use as they please if not properly secured.

SiteLock VPN makes securing your connection easy!

Introducing SiteLock VPN, a safe and easy way to browse the internet without limits. SiteLock VPN is an application available to download for Android, Apple devices, and Windows. After you download the app from your favorite app store, simply log in with a username and password and click connect! That’s all it takes for your connections to be safe and secure with unlimited access.

What is a virtual private network (VPN)?

A VPN is a private network that can be used while you are connected to a public network. It enables users to browse the internet across shared or public networks over an encrypted connection—often referred to as a VPN tunnel—adding a substantial layer of protection for the data in transit.

Should I Always Use A VPN?

At home: Browsing the internet or shopping online—for your favorite crystal kitten statues—should be a hobby you can do securely and confidently, and it can with SiteLock VPN. Home routers have been known to be easy targets in the event you don’t use a strong password. Even within the confines of your own home you aren’t always safe from the bad guys. Hackers can easily intercept your internet activity as if you were on public Wi-Fi.

Public Wi-Fi: Whether public Wi-Fi networks are provided by businesses for your enjoyment or intentionally set up to steal information from users by bad guys, you should always use a VPN on public networks. We can’t emphasize this point enough – it’s incredibly easy to intercept information on a public network but it can be prevented with SiteLock VPN.

Traveling: When vacationing it’s easy to forget you’re in unfamiliar territory. This makes connecting to hotels, coffee shops, and restaurant Wi-Fi risky because you can become an easy target to hackers. Logging into your favorite social media platform to post your vacation pictures, or checking your credit card balance, are methods hackers can use to steal your personal information. Using SiteLock VPN is the easiest way to secure a private network while traveling and using unknown public network connections.

Working Remotely: The more personal and professional business we conduct in public places, the more necessary it is to protect internal and proprietary assets. With the number of remote workers on the rise, SiteLock VPN is an essential business need because it keeps your work confidential when you aren’t working from a secure server. SiteLock VPN is also available in multi-seat licenses to ensure all of your remote employees are secure.

Let’s talk about the top four reasons why you need a SiteLock VPN!

1) Secure Your Data

Securing your online activity goes further than ensuring you have strong passwords and anti-virus installed on your devices. SiteLock VPN has end-to-end military-grade encryption, which will anonymously secure online sessions from prying eyes and anyone trying to steal your personal information.

Any website where you provide personal data, such as your social security number, credit card, or any information associated with your personal identity, should always be done through a VPN connection to ensure your information is fully protected. SiteLock VPN is the extra layer of security you need to secure your online activity.

2) Easy to Manage

Our easy to navigate, quick-connect features make connecting to a secure connection possible with just the click of a button. With over 1000+ VPN servers worldwide you will always have access to the fastest connection.

The setup process is quick and easy:

  • Activate your SiteLock VPN account

  • Configure your VPN username and password

  • Download the application for your appropriate device

  • Launch SiteLock VPN for secure browsing and experience the web securely!

3) Unrestricted No Log Access

With over 1000+ data servers worldwide, you can safely browse the internet without worrying about regional content restrictions and data caps from internet service providers (ISP). Our no log access ensures your online activity is not recorded or sold to third parties. In fact, we do not archive activity logs at all which ensure all proprietary assets are secure. This makes traveling and securing your internet connection easy with SiteLock VPN. Enjoy unlimited access to your VPN for secure browsing and servers that have no activity logs.

4) Increased Productivity

When you connect to a SiteLock VPN for secure browsing you will instantly broaden your remote locations because it offers the ability to safely connect to more public Wi-Fi locations than before. This enables you to work anywhere and anytime while securing your internet connection. Working in a secure environment also increases your productivity. Instead of waiting until you get home to send that confidential report to your stakeholders, SiteLock VPN allows you to confidently share important documents on the go.

SiteLock offers one of the easiest to manage and fastest VPN services with servers in over 40+ countries. Your SiteLock VPN comes backed by a team of expert support agents, regardless of the time of day. Call, email, or live chat with one of our helpful, 24/7 security consultants. With SiteLock VPN, cybersecurity goes further than just securing your website on the internet. Protect and secure your connection with SiteLock VPN today.

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