Small Businesses And Cyber Security

January 31, 2022 in Small Business

The small business (SMB) movement is anything but small. From sole proprietors to startups, businesses with one to four employees account for over 12 million businesses in the United States. In a world where huge data breaches dominate headlines, many small business owners are aware that they need to invest in cybersecurity to protect their business. However, many more don’t invest at all. Many small business owners feel too “overwhelmed and ill-equipped” to put cybersecurity measures in place – so they put it on the back burner instead.

The solution: make it easy to get expert help. SiteLock reviews how.

SMB website security made easy

SiteLock puts the power of enterprise-level website security in the hands of small business owners at an affordable price. We know that running your business is your top priority, and when it comes to securing your site, you need an expert you can rely on. That’s why SiteLock is the chosen partner of many small business owners who are strapped for resources but need help with website security. In fact, when surveyed about their cybersecurity experience level, 43 percent of SiteLock customers responded with: “that’s why I have you.”

Here’s what easy, expert website security looks like:

Automatic website malware detection and removal. Automatic malware removal looks for malware and other website security issues every day – and removes known malware automatically.

Instant website protection. Our solutions install effortlessly in just a few minutes.

Awareness. With our straightforward Dashboard and platform digest emails, you’ll always know what’s going on with your site.

Always available. Whether it’s lunchtime or three in the morning, we’re here for you 24/7/365 with our U.S.-based customer support team.

Trustworthy. SiteLock reviews show that our customers know we have their back. In fact, 37 percent of customers who found SiteLock through a search engine or recommendation chose us because of positive customer reviews like these:

“I had a quick issue and called them – not only did I get someone to pick up right away, they were knowledgeable and made the process easy. My issue was resolved in under 5 minutes. Fantastic customer service which is almost as important as the product itself – thank you!” L. Leblois, review.

“I have found SiteLock to be very helpful and supportive. Having had malware detected they were able to fix the problem quickly and efficiently. They advised me on the best way to secure my site that fits within my budget. This has given me peace of mind and allows me to get on with my business. I do not hesitate in recommending SiteLock as a security company for your online presence.” F. O’Shea, Trustpilot review.

Want to learn more about SiteLock before making a decision? Check out our SiteLock review on for the ins-and-outs of the SiteLock Dashboard and packages.

Stay protected against cyber attacks

You can take simple, effective steps to protect your company’s sensitive information. Examine your current cybersecurity rules and practices, these are frequent spots of vulnerability for small businesses. Next, have sufficient and effective employee training. Employees may unknowingly harm your business by clicking on a phishing email or downloading suspicious content. Due to inadequate computer and network security, attackers can obtain access to your company’s system in several ways, including unsecured Wi-Fi networks or personal devices, and weak passwords. Lastly, have a plan to stay protected. Once you have reviewed your present risks, you can create new protocols to minimize your exposure to cyberattacks and consistently evaluate your security.

We’re in the business of protecting small businesses

Website security doesn’t have to be a struggle, and it shouldn’t be a second thought. With SiteLock, it can be simple and quick – in fact, 26 percent of SiteLock customers choose us because of our fast service, and another 18 percent choose us because we’re always available. With automated solutions and reliable assistance, SiteLock makes securing your site easy. Struggle no more – check out our plans or call 855.378.6200 to get a custom solution for your business.

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