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October 25, 2018

Company Overview

Radiant Freedom Digital Marketing is a web development and online marketing company that specializes in working with small businesses and startups. Founded in 2014 by Jason Ross, the company assists clients in developing their brand, especially through website design, development, maintenance, and security. Radiant Freedom’s own website is critical to their business. Created by Jason using Drupal 7, showcases the company’s services, educates customers, and generates leads.


Just six weeks after the website launched, was suspended by its web host for three days – Jason’s site had been infected with malware. He was able to remove the malware himself, and used Drupal security modules to prevent future attacks – however, they proved ineffective. Jason knew he had to find another solution, and remembered that one of his clients protected their website with SiteLock.


Once Jason got in touch with SiteLock, he worked with the SiteLock Support Team to address his issues and find the best solution. Jason was able to remove the known malware from his site using SiteLock® SMART™ website scanner, which scans websites for malware and other security issues, and removes known malware automatically.

Three of the malware files were too sophisticated to be removed automatically, but Jason didn’t have to do the work this time – SiteLock Expert Services, SiteLock’s team of trained security engineers, was able to remove the malware for him.

Now, SiteLock® SMART™scans nearly 15,000 files on Jason’s site every day, looking for and removing known malware automatically. Additionally, Jason prevents further attacks with SiteLock® TrueShield™ web application firewall, which blocks an average of 650 bad bots every day.

Jason says that having effective website security in place has helped his business succeed. “I would probably not be in business today if I did not have the protection of SiteLock on my website,” he says. “I could not operate a web development business without a website of my own, and could not maintain a website if I’m being constantly hacked.”

Jason recognized that his experience with a cyberattack was an opportunity to educate his clients on the importance of protecting their own websites. “I’ve had clients who haven’t taken their website security seriously and unfortunately, they have had to learn the hard way,” he says. During the cyberattack, Jason communicated openly and honestly with his clients about the situation and continues to write blog posts to help his customers learn about cybersecurity.

Today, Radiant Freedom shines as an example of a site that survived a cyberattack – and Jason is eager to make sure that neither he nor his clients experience one ever again. “I tell my clients, get security and as much as you can afford. Don’t think a new website or a small, obscure business does not need any protection at all,” he says. “The cost of not doing so may very well be your entire business!”

If your website or business needs stronger security, SiteLock offers comprehensive and affordable website security solutions to ensure that your website stays safe and accessible to your visitors. Have questions, need help or just want to get set up? Chat with us or call us anytime 24/7/365 at 855.378.6200. Check out more SiteLock reviews to see how we have helped other businesses like yours.

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