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June 20, 2018

When you’re busy managing your website, it helps to have a security expert on your side should you ever run into trouble. That’s where SiteLock Expert Services comes in. Expert Services is our team of trained security engineers who manually find and fix malware, vulnerabilities, and other security issues quickly. They partner with customers to help them through stressful and confusing situations, such as sophisticated cyberattacks and host suspensions. Their services are available a la carte or included with SiteLock INFINITY, so you’re always covered in the event of a cyberattack.

Expert Services performs a variety of functions to help clean and restore hacked websites in a timely manner. They thoroughly analyze websites and manually remove sophisticated malware, fix XSS and SQLi vulnerabilities, and work with hosting providers around the world to restore suspended websites. Best of all, they resolve these issues as quickly as possible to put customers at ease and get their websites back online.

With specific SiteLock services in place, it’s unlikely that you’ll need Expert Services. Our website scanners, SiteLock® SMART™ and INFINITY™, automatically find and remove website malware, but there are rare occasions when malware is too sophisticated to be removed automatically. When that happens, you’ll be alerted, and Expert Services will be available to help, any time 24/7. Expert Services will manually remove malware if automatic removal would break the site, or if the malware is new. Nearly 1 million new malware threats are created every day and may infect your website before we know about it. If that’s the case, Expert Services will remove the malware—and fast!

How fast is fast? Expert Services clean 95% of all malware-infected websites within three hours, helping to mitigate the negative effects of the attack. They recently helped photographer Amanda Naor remove five files of malware after her website was attacked by a backdoor. Within a few hours, her website was clean and back to normal! Expert Services understands that a website compromise can be a overwhelming experience, so every member of the team works hard to get websites back online quickly without any issues.

See what our customers have to say about Expert Services! We’ve pulled some of our favorite SiteLock reviews from third-party reviews sites like Trustpilot and ConsumerAffairs.

Our customers say Expert Services is…

Helpful and informative

Expert Services understands that there’s a lot at stake when a website compromise occurs and will help you fully understand the security issue. “We want our customers to understand the steps Expert Services take to resolve the issue, as well as what they can do to improve the security of their sites going forward,” says Norm Bunton Director of Technical Services & Support at SiteLock.

This doesn’t go unnoticed by our customers:

  • “SiteLock was great. The tech support was pleasant and helpful. They did the cleanup of my site within hours. I was very satisfied.” – Jim G., Trustpilot review, May 2018
  • “The staff at SiteLock were incredibly helpful, and were able to sort it all out for me. It was a stress-free experience during a stressful situation. I am very grateful for the work they did.” – Kareni, ConsumerAffairs review, January 2018
  • “Your team helped me at a very difficult time and even saved my food blog and website files. I am so happy and am glad to know now that it is safe!” – Denise, ConsumerAffairs review, January 2018

“It’s important our customers understand what has happened to their website after a compromise occurs,” says Bunton. “An educated customer is a safer customer.”


Website downtime is harmful to your business and reputation—that’s why SiteLock is dedicated to fixing the security issue in a timely manner. “The customer wants and deserves to have their issue resolved in the most expedited manner,” says Bunton, and that’s reflected in many SiteLock reviews.

  • “Very responsive. Quick support. My site was fixed and firewall added and configured all in less than one day.” – Terry T., TrustPilot review, April 2018
  • “Had my website hacked and within hours of reporting it, they had it completely cleaned and back up and running again. Great service and great support team!” – Jeff C., TrustPilot review, April 2018
  • “With the latest malware attack, we were losing hefty amounts of money daily. Thanks to the fast and efficient work of SiteLock, we can now operate in peace.” – Dr. Wayne B., TrustPilot review, March 2018

A fast fix can help prevent damage to your brand and bottom line – that’s why Expert Services works hard to solve your issue quickly and accurately!

Friendly and courteous

Should you ever need to call Expert Services, you’ll be met with politeness and professionalism as one of our engineers assists you with your issue. “We put ourselves in the customer’s shoes,” says Bunton. “By understanding each customer’s specific concerns, we can better respond to their situation.”

Many customers have shown their appreciation for our friendly Support Team:

  • “My site was attacked by malware – and they had it fixed within the same day. The staff was super helpful and courteous when I spoke with them. They calmed my fears and explained everything to me very clearly. They answered all my questions thoroughly and politely. A very good experience.” – Maria, Trustpilot review, May 2018
  • “Each time I requested a repeat service, they did not hesitate or put me off – they worked the problem with professionalism, and for that I am very appreciative.” – Joe R., TrustPilot review, April 2018
  • “The people that were working with me essentially held my hand throughout the [process and] reassured me that everything would [be okay]. It was like my friends were talking to [me]. The people at SiteLock honestly care about you and your work.” – Dianna, ConsumerAffairs review, January 2018

Expert Services is here for you during this difficult time—why make a stressful situation worse?

If you’re interested in getting help from Expert Services or any of our other website security solutions, contact us anytime at 855.378.6200. Want to hear from more customers? Read SiteLock reviews on You can also read more SiteLock reviews on the Better Business Bureau.

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