Protect Customer Data with the Enhanced SMART Database Scanner

August 6, 2019 in Product Updates, SiteLock News

30% of all malware cleaned by SiteLock’s Expert Services is located inside website databases. With databases housing critical customer data like emails, addresses, and other personal information, we knew we needed to develop a comprehensive solution to keep companies secure. That’s why we launched SMART® Database (SMART/DB™) two years ago, automatically detecting spam or malware found within critical WordPress database tables.

We are excited to announce we are taking database security a step further.

We are extending automatic database scanning and remediation to Joomla! users and all other platforms operating on a MySQL database.

These enhancements offer website owners the highest level of database protection and remediation at a fraction of the cost.

Purchase SecureSite today and begin protecting your database within minutes.

Key Feature Enhancements Include:

Complete Database Protection

SMART/DB protection launched scanning critical tables within WordPress databases only. The enhancements extend coverage to all database tables within MySQL databases, as well as more detailed reports for WordPress and Joomla! users.

Daily Automatic Scanning

Manual malware scanning is a thing of the past with the new SMART/DB scanner. All SMART/DB users will have their database automatically scanned everyday for malware, spam keywords, and spam links. Results from the scan are stored in the SiteLock dashboard for immediate review. Should malware or spam be located within a table, users are notified immediately, via email, with various remediation options.

Active Edit Customization

For users seeking a hands-free remediation tool, they can simply set their SMART/DB scanner to automatically remove malware, spam comments, and spam links when located.

However, for users who prefer a more manual approach, the scanner will provide a detailed report of exactly what suspicious malware was found and the exact location within the database. Users can then simply select the ‘clean’ option and apply manual edits immediately.

Rollback Edit Functionality

If at any point SMART/DB cleans something from the database the user does not want removed, we’ve included rollback edit functionality, allowing users to automatically restore content to its original state.

Database Vulnerabilities

From Target to Capital One, we’ve all heard about data breaches and seen the backlash major companies face after such a compromise. But it’s not just retail giants and credit card companies that are vulnerable to such an attack.

In our 2019 Annual Security Report, we learned that nearly half of all websites are built using popular CMS sites like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla! (operated by MySQL databases). This means they are primary targets for hackers using SQL Injections. When looking specifically for SQLi vulnerabilities, we found that nearly 350,000 site pages had at least one SQLi vulnerability present, leaving their database open to compromise.

This data, along with the knowledge of what sensitive customer information is routinely stored in a database, led to the development of SMART/DB.

SMART/DB for Small Businesses

All SiteLock products are uniquely designed with small- and medium-sized businesses in mind. Having a developer on staff can be costly for business owners, meaning their site is often left unmonitored and vulnerable to compromise. However, for companies that do become hacked, it can cost them up to $427 for every minute their site is down. The negative impact to their reputation after a breach leads to the average business being forced to close its doors just six months after a cyberattack. So what’s the solution? Insert SMART scanner.

SMART scanner enables small business owners to manage their business, while keeping their website secure. The automatic scans and remediation ensure that users can take action the moment a problem occurs, instead of waiting for their site to be completely shut down, before they even realize a compromise has happened. The addition of rollback edits also gives users peace of mind that they will be able to restore any content to its original state.

The confidence SMART/DB provides extends beyond business owners, as customers are more inclined to divulge sensitive information to a company they trust.

We’ve developed a solution explicitly for Ecommerce companies to ensure their entire website, including the database is secure. Purchase your comprehensive solution, here.

SMART/DB for Bloggers

SMART/DB is not only a tool for SMBs, but also a tool for bloggers who aggregate an audience. As the influencer landscape grows, bloggers are now prone to collecting visitor contact information for continued updates. This information is also stored within a database and just as vulnerable to compromise.

Ensuring user information is secure, bloggers can continue building their audience, and influence, without worrying.

SiteLock offers the only automated solution for detecting and repairing threats to database-driven websites. Our highly-trained support team is available to help you configure your SMART® Database scanner settings to ensure your database is being scanned correctly. SMART/DB is an affordable solution for SMB website owners and gives you peace of mind that your database is being monitored 24/7. Call today and ask one of our security experts how you can automatically secure your database against spam and malware threats (844) 755-3692.

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