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September 21, 2018

SiteLock is dedicated to helping millions of website owners around the world – that’s 12 million websites and counting! Whether you’re a CTO or a sole proprietor, we understand the importance of making security accessible, simple, and efficient. That’s why we deliver exceptional levels of expert service and support to our customers, any time day or night, in addition to our complete suite of website security solutions. We’re proud of our highly-trained team of engineers and customer success representatives who are dedicated to providing a smooth and stress-free SiteLock experience. But don’t take our word for it – see what some of our customers have to say.

Read what customer reviews have to say about SiteLock.

SiteLock is knowledgeable.

When I called SiteLock, I was amazed because got a live person and the person that I spoke to was very responsive, they just cared.” Melissa M., webmaster

“★★★★★ Great technical support! Courteous, professional and knowledgeable! When an issue arises, they go above and beyond my expectations. So glad they have my back!” Kim, Google review, 6/1/2018

“★★★★★ It is not often you speak to employees of ANY company that are articulate, knowledgeable and professional. They made my problem become theirs. In essence, they took ownership of situation. I will be a returning customer for ALL my security needs.” Joe, Trustpilot review, 8/29/2018

“★★★★★ SiteLock was able to quickly solve my malware problems and get my website functioning properly again. Each agent I have spoken with has been knowledgeable and courteous. My questions were answered completely and the appropriate actions were taken. I’ve been happy with the service provided.” George, Trustpilot review, 8/28/2018

SiteLock is dedicated to excellent customer service.

To have SiteLock treat me with the same kind of care and respect that they would a large multi-million dollar company meant everything to me.” Amanda N., photographer

“[SiteLock] had friendly customer service, product setup was efficient, and my security results are easy to read. Two thumbs up!” – Joe Howard, WP Buffs

“★★★★★ It’s extremely comforting knowing that I don’t have to worry about malware attacks anymore. Their customer service is great, which just makes the whole experience that much better.” Sara R., Capterra review, 7/14/2018

“★★★★★ Completely independent, works without any need for extra work. Very efficient and effective at working as advertised. Great customer service.” Rich H. Capterra review, 8/21/2018

SiteLock provides peace of mind.

“The best thing I like about SiteLock is the peace of mind it gives me and my company. Because I have SiteLock, I never have to worry.” Brett M., website developer

“Having my website compromised made me realize how important it is to keep it safe and “bulletproof” when it comes to cyber attacks like the one I was a victim of. I’m really happy with the peace of mind SiteLock provided me!” Ricardo Serpa, Photographer

“★★★★★ We’ve been with SiteLock for over a year and are very pleased with the services. We receive daily reports of what is going on with our website. If anything looks suspicious, we immediately receive a call checking if we are working on the website and they take care of what’s needed to be done. We have peace of mind knowing someone is watching out for us. They make it personal too through the reps who are very pleasant to deal with.” Andreea, ConsumerAffairs review, 7/19/2018

“They just took care of the problem and got it back up and running. It gives me peace of mind, it’s one less thing to worry about and frees up more of my time to spend on meeting my clients’ needs.” Shantel B. Eilenfield,

“I give SiteLock my stamp of approval for the company’s fast and friendly customer service, automated security solutions, and free website risk assessments.” Maddy Osman,

Not sure if SiteLock is right for you?

Knowing where to start with website security can feel overwhelming, and we want to help you make the most informed decision possible. That’s why we offer the SiteLock Risk Assessment, which evaluates your website’s risk of attack so that you can choose website security solutions that work for you.

With expert service that puts their minds at ease, it’s no wonder 12 million websites choose SiteLock to secure their websites. Meet a few of our customers and learn how they recovered from cyberattacks.

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