A Company’s Worst Nightmare: 3 Recent Data Breach Examples Examined

June 9, 2021 in Data Breach

“Your data has been compromised.”

Like most people, you hope to avoid hearing the aforementioned words at all costs. However, data breaches happen far more often than you might expect. In 2020 alone, 1,001 data breaches swept the United States—affecting a staggering 155.8 million individuals.

With that in mind, you may be wondering: What are some specific examples of a data breach? Here are three recent data breach examples that shook the corporate world.

Three recent data breach examples:

  1. Scripps Health Data Breach

On May 1, 2021, one of San Diego’s main health care systems, Scripps Health, had its technology servers hacked in a sudden ransomware attack—proving that no industry is immune to data breaches. Fallout from the attack disrupted care givers’ access to patient information and the ability to communicate with their patients. An employee of a local hospital, UC San Diego Health, put it this way: “As recent events at Scripps Health illustrate, health care systems continue to be prime targets for cyberattacks.”

  1. MultiCare Health System Data Breach

In late 2020, the Tacoma-based health care firm MultiCare Health System fell victim to a data breach compromising the personal information of up to 200,000 patients and workers. This stolen data included Social Security numbers, dates of birth, and insurance policy numbers—and MultiCare Health System had to pay a ransom to prevent the information from being shared publicly.

  1. Cancer Treatment Centers of America Data Breach

In early 2021, Cancer Treatment Centers of America alerted 104,808 patients that a data breach compromised their protected health information. The compromised data included patient names, health insurance information, medical record numbers, account numbers, and other medical information—none of which was meant for the public eye.

No target is too small

The data breach examples above may center around large health care organizations—but cybercriminals don’t discriminate by size or industry. They’ll gladly exploit any vulnerability they discover. Across the world, companies large and small fall victim to data breaches on a regular basis: suffering from financial loss, compromised trust between clients and employees alike, and even reputational damage.

According to one PwC report, 85% of consumers won’t do business with a company if they have concerns about the business’s security practices. A 2019 Verizon study backs this point up, with 69% of survey respondents saying they would avoid a company that had suffered a data breach. The bottom line for modern businesses of all sizes? Strong cybersecurity is nonnegotiable.

Now that you’re read a few examples of a data breach, want to learn more to keep your company protected? Read “What Is a Data Breach.”

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