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Automatically Find And Fix Malware And Stop Vulnerabilities

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Your website deserves a security solution that works as hard as you. With SiteLock website scanning solutions, you get powerful technology that continuously monitors your website for malware and hard to find security vulnerabilities without slowing down the speed of your website. As the only security provider to offer automated website malware removal, our cloud-based technology automatically finds and cleans malware from your website before any damage is done.

easy website scanning

Fast & Easy

Easy setup and the only solution that detects and automatically removes malware and other infections.

avoid blacklisting

Stay Off The Radar

Make sure you maintain your SEO rankings and are not blacklisted or suspended by your hosting provider.

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Proven Results

With a database of 10M+ threats we provide the most comprehensive protection in the industry to 12M+ customers.

Utilize The Most Advanced Website Scanner

The SiteLock® SMART® (Secure Malware Automatic Removal Tool) Scan provides you a worry-free website experience with the most comprehensive, automated malware removal tool available. SMART will continuously monitor your website from all angles, and if malware is detected, it will automatically remove it, so your website stays safe and secure.


Learn How SMART Works:

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Breaches can happen anytime to anyone. Cybercriminals are persistent in their attacks, and won't stop until they find that 'open window' into your information.

SMART, from SiteLock, extends traditional endpoint security to your website by removing known malware and identifying vulnerabilities network security isn't equipped to catch.

When put to the test, SiteLock found an average of almost ten times the infected files as the three leading antivirus solutions.

SMART begins by uploading your website files onto the secure SiteLock cloud servers.

Identified malware is automatically removed while unconfirmed threats are flagged and you are notified via email, just in case. Changes are synchronized back to your server, without need for manual intervention that wastes time and money.

And because SMART is customizable, you dictate run frequency along with how specific files are scanned.

When it comes to websites, network security leaves a gap. SMART is the comprehensive, cloud-based solution that fills it.

Call SiteLock today.

Worry-Free Website Scanning & Threat Monitoring

In addition to SMART, we provide these additional scans needed to protect your website from an assortment of threats. Hover on each to learn more.

Malware Scan

Malware Scan

Pinpoint and remove malware that can cause website blacklisting, suspension from web hosts or a poor visitor experience.

Application Scan

Application Scan

Scan your web applications to find outdated or vulnerable applications that hackers can utilize to gain access to your website and data.


Network Scan

Scan your server ports to ensure appropriate ports are open for the correct server type.

Spam scan

Spam Scan

Monitors your website IP address to ensure you are not flagged as spam, which can negatively impact email deliverability.

SQL and XSS Scan

XSS and SQL Scan

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and SQL Injection (SQLi) Scans identify threats designed to exploit vulnerabilities used to steal data.

Advisory Scans

Advisory Scans

The advisory scan searches for suspicious content or issues, like external redirects within the website.

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Reliable Performance, Proven Results

We protect 12M+ websites and utilize an industry-leading database of 10M+ threats to find more malware and vulnerabilities than anyone else. You can see our results and performance as shown in the latest Gartner AST Magic Quadrant and Tolly Report.

Reap The Benefits Of A Secure Website

Our website scanners not only protect your website from infection, but they provide direct value to the bottom line of your business.

online trust seal

Build Trust

SiteLock Trust Seals, displayed on secure and malware-free websites, are proven to boost trust and conversions.

seo rankings

Improve SEO

SiteLock scanners find and repair the website security issues that negatively impact your search engine rankings.

faster load time

Increase Performance

SiteLock cleans your website of malware and other issues that slow performance and degrade customer experience.

Our Customer Commitment


We are committed to providing you with the most powerful website security solutions for a price that meets your budget.

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We take pride in providing our customers with an exceptional experience through our 24/7 U.S.-based customer service line.

Case Study: Smallbizapalooza

"I was scared to think about how the malware impacted the website. I was concerned that I was the cause of malware spreading to my audience."

When Ivana Taylor noticed a mysterious spike in traffic to her site, Smallbizapalooza, she discovered her site was infected with a pharma hack. At the recommendation of her hosting provider, Taylor reached out to SiteLock for a solution. Between the SiteLock Premium Scanner and our Expert Services Team, we scanned over 15,000 files and removed the malicious code at the root of the problem. Taylor was able to get off of Google’s blacklist, and back to work quickly.

Understanding Your Website Security Responsibilities

It’s important to understand that your website isn’t entirely protected by your hosting provider. Despite being hosted in a secure server environment, your website is still at risk of cyberthreats without the proper website security. Watch our video to learn more about your website security responsibilities.

The average website experiences multiple cyberattacks per day, adding up to thousands of attacks per year.

It has become all too common to hear about another website compromise or major data breach in the news.

It could happen to your website.

Your host delivers a secure, shared server space. However, don’t assume your website is entirely protected by your hosting provider.

As a website owner in a shared server environment, you are responsible for securing your website.

You can think of it like an apartment complex. The complex provides security for the building, but you’re still responsible for locking your doors and windows to protect your home.

Your website is no different.

If your website is hacked, suspended or blacklisted by Google, SiteLock, the leader in website security, works together with you and your host to help you get back online fast and help prevent a breach from occurring again.

To fully safeguard your website, both a secure server and website security are essential. Protect your website. Call SiteLock today.

SiteLock Security Earns Recognition

For the second year in a row, SiteLock has earned recognition in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing (AST).

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Endpoint Security Isn't Enough

See how SiteLock finds 90% more malware than traditional endpoint security.

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Comprehensive security solutions for every website, from a personal blog to an eCommerce enterprise.

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We don’t stop at scanning. Prevent malicious traffic with SiteLock TrueShield Web Application Firewall.

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