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SiteLock Web Application Firewall

Instantly stop malicious traffic, block attacks and accelerate your website.


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There's lots of traffic cruising around on the Internet. Some of it is the good traffic you want, but malicious traffic—like spambots and cybercriminals—are trying to access your site too.

SiteLock TrueShield Firewall and TrueSpeed CDN work together to give you top-of-the-line firewall protection, reduced server load, and increased website speed.

TrueShield web application firewall allows the good traffic in, while keeping harmful requests out, and DDoS attacks at bay. Because TrueShield gives you detailed traffic visibility and the ability to fine-tune the gatekeeping, you're always in control.

And TrueSpeed content delivery network delivers your website content through strategically-located network data centers that use dynamic caching and network optimization methods to render pages quickly.

With it, you have stronger global coverage that satisfies regional demand, and sites load an average of 50 percent you get the conversions and the revenue you need.

Higher speeds. Increased security. Contact SiteLock today.

Advanced, Cloud-Based Web Application Firewall

SiteLock® TrueShield™ web application firewall protects websites from malicious traffic and harmful requests. Our website firewall sets up in 5-minutes and keeps your website safe and secure from bots as well as targeted attacks.


Prevent website data theft, removal from search results, redirecting of site traffic, unauthorized site access and more.


Set-up in minutes and automatically protect against threats without having to make changes to website code.


Industry-leading accuracy rates ensure more bad traffic is blocked and legitimate website visitors are unaffected.

12M+ Websites Protected

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Website Protection and

With the TrueShield Web Application Firewall (WAF) you can protect your website from malicious traffic, boost site performance by more than 50%, enhance user experience, increase conversions, and protect your reputation.

Protect and Enhance My Website

How does
TrueShield WAF work?

The TrueShield Web Application Firewall (WAF) examines all traffic to your website and filters out suspicious visitors and blocks illegitimate requests. This is done by running your site traffic through a set of security policies, maintained and updated by our dedicated security team.

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The SiteLock Difference

In order to become the global leader in website security, you have to do things differently. Powered by a mission to protect every website on the internet, our customers benefit from industry-leading technology, 24/7 U.S.-based support, reliable performance, and a world-class customer experience to back it up.


SiteLock® TrueShield™ Protects Against The Top Ten Online Threats

SQL Injection
Security Misconfiguration
Insecure Direct
Object References
Broken Authentication
& Session Management
Sensitive Data
Missing Function Level
Access Control
Cross-Site Request
Forgery (CSRF)
Using Components with
Known Vulnerabilities
Unvalidated Redirects
& Forwards

Simplify Payment Processing Compliance

Becoming PCI compliant has never been easier! TrueShield is PCI-certified and our network is PCI-compliant. TrueShield will protect your customers' data while simplifying the compliance process.