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Channel partners work with SiteLock
to offer their customers industry-leading cybersecurity solutions. Our competitive MSP pricing options combined with customized go-to-market strategies deliver measurable results.
Why Channel Partners Choose SiteLock
Your customers trust you to help them solve technical challenges. Cybersecurity is the biggest, most persistent technical challenge of all — and the stakes are rising by the day.
By partnering with SiteLock, you offer your customers simple, automated cybersecurity solutions to protect their business, while increasing revenue, pursuing new sales and marketing, and enhancing your role as a trusted advisor.
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The Cybersecurity Opportunity
The cybersecurity market is in a period of hypergrowth. With so many devices and data that require protection, the global value of the cybersecurity market is estimated to reach $259.99 billion by 2025.
This presents an opportunity for channel partners to provide the critical security expertise that many organizations don’t have in-house.
Learn how to start the cybersecurity conversation with your clients.
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State of the Cybersecurity Market
The Cybersecurity Landscape at a Glance


Cyberattacks per website, per day on average


increase in cyberattacks year over year


websites estimated to be infected with malware globally


Weekly average bot visits per website

Offer Your Customers Comprehensive Cybersecurity
In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, the need for powerful cybersecurity solutions is more necessary than ever. By partnering with SiteLock, channel partners can enhance their existing portfolio with our enterprise-grade, cloud-based cybersecurity solutions.
Effective Website Security for MSP Providers
Our automated website security solutions make it simple for your customers to stay secure. SiteLock offers the only solution that constantly scans site files for more than 10 million threats—without affecting customer experience.

Website Scanning

Malware Removal

Web Application Firewall

Vulnerability Patching

DDoS Protection

PCI & HIPPA Compliance

Security Awareness Training & Phishing Simulations
Getting started with cybersecurity is easy with SiteLock Security Awareness Training & Phishing Simulations. Our solution provides automated and expertly curated courses to help educate employees on the latest security best practices. Help your customers improve their cybersecurity company-wide – without the operational burden of running a security awareness program internally.
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Of reported security incidents are a result of phishing attacks

Of malware is delivered or transferred via email

Of individuals cannot identify a sophisticated phishing email

Flexible MSP Plans Customized for You
To successfully incorporate cybersecurity into your portfolio of offerings, you need a reseller program that fits how you do business. At SiteLock, we tailor our MSP plans to fit your needs so you can focus on what you do best – delivering the best business outcomes to your customers through technology.
SiteLock is ready to support you by delivering a winning combination of experience, quality products, expert service and customized partnerships. By partnering with SiteLock, you can increase revenue and enhance the value you provide to your customers.

Innovative Technology

Offer your customers industry-leading enterprise cybersecurity solutions trusted by over 16 million customers.

Recurring Revenue

Generate new revenue streams to quickly and easily grow your business. SiteLock has made $200+ million in partner payouts to date.

Sales Opportunities

Gain access to lead generation tools and strategies to drive interest with customers and prospects.

Customized Partnerships

Each of our programs are partner specific and designed with “ease of doing business” in mind.

Partner Resources

All MSP plans are fully managed to ensure you have the resources available to be successful – when you need them.

Tangible Results

Deliver a great customer experience, conversions, and financial results – all while helping you keep your customers in business.

“In my reseller sales position, I have access to selling thousands of manufacturer products and brands in the technology space. SiteLock is consistently one of my favorite partners to work with, and more importantly; to offer to clients with concerns around security. The SiteLock team has taken time to help me and my team create a unified, professional plan to both take care of existing relationships and go after new business. SiteLock took the time to put together reports specific to each client I work with, assisted on calls, and made the entire presentation a seamless one.
I would recommend the SiteLock team to anyone who genuinely cares about their clients.”
– Matt Ricks, Paragon Micro, Inc.
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