Web Developer Partnership Solutions

Increase satisfaction and revenue with automated malware checking, hack repair and threat blocking security solutions.

Keep Your Clients Happy and Secure

Security is an integral part of any website. If and when your clients experience a website compromise, they’ll look to you for help. Add website security to your portfolio that automatically finds, fixes, and prevents cyberthreats and hack attempts on the sites you manage. Your job just got easier, and your clients just got happier.

Easy Management

Manage all of your clients’ websites in one place through the SiteLock Dashboard. With the click of a button, you’ll have visibility to the status of their security, like pages scanned, malware found, threats blocked, and more. If clients are using a content management system (CMS), you’ll have access to any outdated applications or existing vulnerabilities.

Compatible with all types of websites

Solutions and benefits for web developers

Happy clients

Keep your clients happy by keeping their websites safe. When a website hack occurs, they’ll be protected—all thanks to you.

Save time

Let automated website security work for you. Hack threats to your clients’ websites are blocked or fixed automatically.


Protect your website with award-winning products proven to find and fix threats with 99.99% accuracy.

Cost savings

Time is money. Save money by automating the manual intervention needed to remove malicious code or fix vulnerabilities (which will also help keep your clients’ costs low).

Always informed

Stay updated about your clients’ sites at all times. Your SiteLock Dashboard provides visibility into the number of threats blocked, pages scanned, malware removed, and more.

Boost Site Performance

Increase your clients’ websites speed by as much as 50%. A content delivery network is included with each web application firewall to enhance site performance.

Protect Client Websites Now