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Interested in featuring your company on our website?

Fill out the form below and our Marketing Team will be in touch to discuss a possible case study opportunity.

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I greatly appreciate the personal service I received from one of your reps. She went above and beyond to help remove malware from my website. Her calm attitude put me at ease and helped reassure me that SiteLock is on top of helping me address my website security issues.

E. Fluker

I'm sending this email to let you know how lucky I was to work with one of your representatives. I've been suffering from a malware nightmare and he really helped me out. I'm incredibly pleased with the service I received, and I want to make sure he is recognized. His service has been exceptional and it came when I needed it most.

P. Richie

The SiteLock representative I worked showed exemplary service. Even though he reiterated that, "he was only doing his job," in my opinion, he was doing something very special. He helped solve my problem and stayed in touch with me to ensure my site was cleaned. Your representative is a rockstar.

G. Pappa

Once again, SiteLock has come up trumps. The representative I worked with handled my situation with humor, friendliness and efficiency! I have had nothing but good experiences with SiteLock. I am very grateful.

J. Ehrlich

The SiteLock representative I worked with was great! She was clear with me, without being pushy. She is at least the second person i've worked with at SiteLock who has been fantastic!


The customer service rep I worked with was professional, extremely helpful, polite and an absolute pleasure to deal with. He made the stress of malware on my blog much better to deal with and I was very happy with everything he organised for me.

L. Shavak

I’m writing this email to let you know that your employee provided me with outstanding customer service during all communication regarding some domain and email issues we’ve been experiencing. He did an amazing job and directed my call to the appropriate department, making sure I would be assisted and, unexpectedly, followed up to check on how my issue was resolved. This is something not everybody does.

P. Miller

Security is not a problem any longer. My website host has corrected the problem and I now have a SiteLock stamp on my homepage. My SiteLock rep was effective, efficient and loyal to making SiteLock shine and retain customers. Kudos.

M. Madrazo

The rep I spoke to understood my difficult situation, took the time the explain the “compare all packages” section of your website and was with me for like 30 min - that's CRAZY! I have been in business for 15 years and nobody has showed that kind of support.
I am recommending all my website owners join SiteLock. Thanks for making a difficult situation where I felt helpless, so good! You guys deserve a WEBBY Award!

E. Melendez

I received an email saying I had a ‘Vulnerability Detected On Your Website’ – and had 72 hours to correct it. It was pretty scary – especially for someone not so tech savvy. The SiteLock representative was terrific! Very knowledgeable and so clear in the way they explained everything – a great balance of not talking down to me and also not reverting to ‘geek speak’ that I wouldn’t understand. They gave me options and were very patient with all my questions.

C. Regan-Blake

I wanted to take a moment and commend your employee. They are an excellent representative for your company! They LISTENED to everything I had to say before making suggestions or assumptions and quickly resolved my problem with the utmost confidence and knowledge.

D. Payne

I have had several queries regarding your services. I work for a large company and the information I required was very important for the project I am working on. The service I received from your customer service representative was excellent. Every query was answered and all information was very clear and precise. It really helped me in choosing to use your company over others. Many thanks!

S. Campbell
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