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The Top 3 Best eCommerce Platform For Small Businesses

Everything you need to know when selecting an ecommerce platform

SiteLock Recommended eCommerce platform for small businesses

The Best eCommerce Platform For Small Businesses That Help You Compete

Competing with ecommerce titans such as Amazon and Walmart can seem daunting for small to medium-sized (SMB) online retailers. Thanks to numerous ecommerce platforms and plugins, however, smaller ecommerce businesses are able to compete with larger online retailers by advancing their website capabilities. As you search for the tools to provide your customers a stellar shopping experience on your site, there are key areas of functionality to look for that will help drive success for your ecommerce business.

Read on to find out what kinds of features can help your ecommerce business thrive and our top three recommendations for the best ecommerce platforms and plugins.

Ecommerce Website Security Topics

SiteLock: How To Secure An Ecommerce Business

How to Secure an Ecommerce Business

When starting an ecommerce business, follow these three steps to ensure a successful and secure launch of your online store.
SiteLock: Selecting An eCommerce Platform

How to Select an Ecommerce Platform

Ecommerce platforms offer different features and capabilities. Learn which drive platform would be best the fit for your needs and deliver the most success.
SiteLock: eCommerce Best Practices

Ecommerce Best Practices

These five best practices help online retailers successfully operate their ecommerce websites and increase revenue.
SiteLock: Most Common eCommerce Security Threats

Most Common Ecommerce Security Threats

Cybercriminals most commonly use these attacks on ecommerce websites to steal customer data. Learn how you can prevent them.
SiteLock: Impact Of Security Incidents To Your eCommerce Business

Impact of Security Incidents to Your Ecommerce Business

The impact of cyberattacks can be devastating. Learn about the most common threats and how to protect your ecommerce business.
SiteLock: eCommerce DDoS Protection

Ecommerce Website DDoS Protection

DDoS prevention is crucial to avoid serious damage to your website, reputation, and revenue. Learn how to prevent DDoS attacks to protect your website and customers.

Learn 5 Habits of Successful Ecommerce

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Learn 5 Habits Of Successful Ecommerce For Small Businesses

Choosing the Right Features for Your Ecommerce Website

When selecting an ecommerce platform for your business, you can improve the experience of your site by keeping these three features in mind for any solution you choose:
SiteLock eCommerce Feature Number 1: Checkout
It’s important to look for a platform that includes a swit checkout process, provides real-time order and product delivery updates, and creates user-friendly product pages that will set you up for success. Along with thinking about how to make your customers’ shopping experience more convenient, you also need to consider how to keep their data secure on your website with the most secure ecommerce platform.
SiteLock eCommerce Feature Number 2: SSL Certificate Integration
SSL Certificate Integration:
Look for platform options that can easily integrate with a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate and a website security solution. An SSL certificate is a cybersecurity measure that encrypts data as it moves between a website and a server. When your customers input information into fields on your site — such as login or payment info — an SSL certificate will encrypt the information and keep cybercriminals from stealing it in transit.
SiteLock eCommerce Feature Number 3: File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
File Transfer Protocol:
You will also want a platform with the ability to connect through a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), as this is required to use a website scanner. Website scanners review files on your website for vulnerabilities and automatically patch them before cybercriminals have the chance to access your site.
SiteLock’s Top 3 Ecommerce Platform Recommendations
As you search for the right solution to launch your ecommerce site, itʼs easy to become overwhelmed by the wide variety of options. Here are the top ecommerce platforms we suggest:
SiteLock: Magento As An eCommerce Platform For Small Businesses
Magento is perfect for online retailers who are confident they’ll experience major growth. This solution includes built-in security features — like the ability to integrate an SSL certificate and payment card industry (PCI) compliance — to keep your customers’ data secure while they make purchases. It also offers tools for advertising and marketing capabilities such as tracking, analytics, and reporting as well as checkout, shipping, and payment integration.
SiteLock: PrestaShop As An eCommerce Platform For Small Businesses
PrestaShop is another platform that is great for beginner online retailers because it also allows websites to scale up with ease. It is highly customizable and enables users to manage products, orders, and customer relationships all while easily tracking important stats. PrestaShop is a trusted partner of SiteLock, so it offers valuable security features as well.
SiteLock: WooCommerce As An eCommerce Platform For Small Businesses
WooCommerce is a solution that offers easy-to-install plugins that make it simple to convert an existing WordPress site into an online store. This is a great option for site owners who are testing the waters with their ecommerce business but don’t have the budget for a robust platform. You can easily add and remove plugins without committing to an entire ecommerce platform.
SiteLock Suggest The Best eCommerce Platform For Small Businesses
Whichever option you choose, remember to make cybersecurity a priority. Even if you have a beautiful ecommerce website that users can navigate with ease, customers will be reluctant to do business with you if they don’t trust you to keep their information secure. By selecting any of the secure ecommerce platforms above, you can provide the best customer experience possible — and incorporate security to protect your site and customers.