SiteLock Website Security Report 2022


Data breaches can lead to disastrous results for businesses - from breaking customer trust on eCommerce stores to compromising classified patient information in the healthcare industry. The 2022 SiteLock Security Review uncovers a range of security statistics relevant to today’s ever-changing cyber threat landscape:

  • The top threats to your website: Learn about the most prevalent cybersecurity threats facing your business today, including phishing, ransomware attacks, and more.
  • How often cyberattacks occur: Understand the frequency of attacks and the reasons behind their rapid increase since last year.
  • The success of cyberattacks: See the staggering number of malware-infected websites, as well as how both quiet and noisy malware are affecting businesses.
  • What makes websites vulnerable: Discover how many malware-infected websites aren’t flagged by search engines and the impact CMS apps and plugins have on your website’s security.

Download the report and learn how to effectively prepare and respond to cybercriminals’ ever-evolving threats.
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2022 Report Highlights

Here is a preview of some of the cybersecurity statistics our report uncovered:

General Trends

  • The volume of threats doubled in 2022 vs 2021
  • 4.1 million websites have malware at any given time

The Prevalence of Cyberattacks

  • Malicious bots represent over 60% of all bot traffic
  • DDoS costs hackers under $10 for up to 50k requests per minute

The Threat to Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

  • Cyberattacks cost SMB $25k annually on average
  • SMBs across the SiteLock global scanning network face a staggering 228 million threats per month

Cybercrime security awareness is essential for keeping your website and business assets safe. However, it’s even more important to get ahead of any potential attacks by actively protecting your site from hackers. After all, high-risk websites are 41 times more likely to be infected than low-risk websites.

Automation is the key. There are essential preventative measures every website should employ, such as a web application firewall (WAF), website malware scanner, and more. Learn how the security professionals at SiteLock can help; see these website security plans.

Already been hacked? We can help with hack cleanup, remediation, and mitigation. See our SiteLock 911 plan.