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Five Tips For eCommerce Growth And Sales

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SiteLock eCommerce Growth And Sales Tips And Tricks

Growing Your Ecommerce Business

The nuts and bolts of operating an ecommerce store are vastly different from those of running a brick-and-mortar business. With this, it’s common for newcomers launching an ecommerce site to seek out recommendations on how to best drive sales and growth for their online stores. It’s easy to distinguish a quality online store when you see it — but what goes on behind the curtain that makes ecommerce stores successful?
SiteLock eCommerce Growth And Sales Tips And Tricks To Help Increase Revenue
Whether you’re new to online business or are an experienced ecommerce retailer looking for ways to increase profits, these top 5 best practices for successfully operating an ecommerce website will help your online business thrive.

Ecommerce Website Security Topics

SiteLock: How To Secure An Ecommerce Business

How to Secure an Ecommerce Business

When starting an ecommerce business, follow these three steps to ensure a successful and secure launch of your online store.
SiteLock: Selecting An eCommerce Platform

How to Select an Ecommerce Platform

Ecommerce platforms offer different features and capabilities. Learn which drive platform would be best the fit for your needs and deliver the most success.
SiteLock: eCommerce Best Practices

Ecommerce Best Practices

These five best practices help online retailers successfully operate their ecommerce websites and increase revenue.
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Most Common Ecommerce Security Threats

Cybercriminals most commonly use these attacks on ecommerce websites to steal customer data. Learn how you can prevent them.
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Impact of Security Incidents to Your Ecommerce Business

The impact of cyberattacks can be devastating. Learn about the most common threats and how to protect your ecommerce business.
SiteLock: eCommerce DDoS Protection

Ecommerce Website DDoS Protection

DDoS prevention is crucial to avoid serious damage to your website, reputation, and revenue. Learn how to prevent DDoS attacks to protect your website and customers.

Learn 5 Habits of Successful Ecommerce

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Learn 5 Habits Of Successful Ecommerce For Small Businesses

1. Keyword Strategy That Drive eCommerce Growth And Sales

Today’s online shopping experience provides consumers an abundance of options. It’s crucial to get in front of potential customers when they’re looking for products you sell, and keywords can help drive the right traffic to increase revenue.

You can use services such as Google Analytics and SEMrush to help identify terms and phrases related to what you’re selling. These terms are known as keywords, and they’re what people type into a search engine when they’re trying to find a specific product or service. By weaving keywords into your website’s content, your site will become more visible to potential buyers searching for products like yours.
Keyword Strategy Tip For eCommerce Growth And Sales From SiteLock
When selecting keywords, it’s recommended to target specific ones that go beyond broad terms or phrases. For instance, choosing a keyword like “women’s hats” isn’t necessarily the best phrase to rely on; your page will likely get lost in a sea of other content. Broader keywords are generally more competitive as well, so you’re less likely to obtain a favorable search ranking. Opt for more descriptive long-tail keywords instead (such as “women’s winter hats” or “women’s winter wool hats”). The more descriptive the keyword, the better.

2. Images And Descriptions For eCommerce Growth And Sales

The online marketplace is full of competition, so writing engaging product descriptions can help you stand out. Highlighting the competitive advantages of your product can make all the difference — be as comprehensive and detailed as possible when describing your products. Be sure to include keywords associated with the product in each description so they can appear in user searches.
Image And Descriptions Tip For eCommerce Growth And Sales From SiteLock
In addition, including eye-catching images is also an essential part of product descriptions. Most smartphone users — 83% — believe product photos and videos to be “very” or “extremely” influential in their purchasing decisions, which is why focusing on image quality is essential.

It’s best to work with a professional photographer to capture high-resolution images of each of your products. Sixty percent of shoppers reported needing to see at least three to four images when shopping online, so include a number of photos from a variety of angles.

3. The Purchasing Process To Better eCommerce Growth And Sales

The most successful ecommerce retailers are the ones that provide the smoothest checkout experience. If the process of purchasing your product or service is too long or difficult, customers are less likely to follow through.
Purchasing Process Tip For eCommerce Growth And Sales From SiteLock
To ensure all visitors are able to make a purchase, ecommerce sites can add a guest checkout option to ensure customers who don’t want to sign up for an account can still check out. Also, be sure to localize your payment process by supporting different currencies, adding language options, and identifying your customers’ preferred payment methods. As digital payment methods such as Apple Pay and PayPal become more popular, you can incorporate them and appeal to consumers with different preferences.

Many ecommerce solutions (such as WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and Magento) already offer easy-to-use checkout and cart options for online retailers.

4. The Customer Journey For eCommerce Growth And Sales

Many ecommerce platforms come with tracking capabilities. In order to understand your customers’ purchasing journeys, use these features to track how different products perform. Similarly, make sure to identify drop-off points in the path to purchase.
The Customer Journey Tip For eCommerce Growth And Sales From SiteLock
If consumers abandon their carts, you need the functionality to identify where and why the drop-off occurred. Did the customer run into a snag in the payment process, for instance? What can you do to eliminate that hurdle?

You can also work with a developer to create product tags that can determine what brings in the highest sales. Those tags can help you decide where to focus your advertising spend and marketing efforts.

5. Cybersecurity For eCommerce Growth And Sales

The importance of cybersecurity for ecommerce businesses can’t be overstated. One survey revealed that 78% of consumers would stop engaging with a business online after a security breach — and 36% said they would stop engaging with the business entirely.
Cybersecurity Tip For eCommerce Growth And Sales From SiteLock
Your ecommerce website’s plugins, core files, and paymentprocessing sofware all have the potential to become vulnerable to cyberattacks, so update these items regularly to patch any vulnerabilities. An automated website scanner can identify security problems for you and automatically patch vulnerabilities in outdated code to ensure your ecommerce ecosystem stays secure. Additionally, be sure to implement a web application firewall to monitor and block questionable traffic. Should a malicious bot try to exploit a vulnerability, a WAF will prevent it from wreaking havoc on your site.
Growing Your eCommerce Business With SiteLock
The online retail market is full of competition, but the benefits of adding an online retail element can be well worth the effort for many businesses. The above ecommerce best practices can help you improve sales, drive growth, and thrive as a trusted online retailer.