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Protecting Your Ecommerce Website from DDoS Attacks

Learn how to mitigate and prevent DDoS attacks that can take your ecommerce site offline.

Protecting Ecommerce from DDoS

Noticing a boost in traffic to your ecommerce store is the type of performance you want to see as website owner, right? Typically, an increase in traffic translates to more sales — but unfortunately, it’s not always the case. Experiencing a rapid and significant uptick in traffic can also signal that your site is the target of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, one of the most devastating types of attacks on ecommerce websites.

As an ecommerce store owner, it’s important to be aware of DDoS attacks, which have grown in popularity for several reasons. In part, they are relatively cheap to execute, costing as little as $100 a day to deploy on unprotected servers. While cybercriminals don’t profit directly from the attack itself, there are a number of motivations behind them. DDoS attacks may be used as a diversion by cybercriminals so they can steal customer data or inject malware behind the scenes. Or, competitors may hire cybercriminals to carry out attacks on other sites in an attempt to divert shoppers and impact sales.

Regardless of who is behind the DDoS attack or why, the impact on a company’s bottom line shouldn’t be underestimated.

The Impact of DDoS Attacks on Ecommerce Businesses
The consequences of a DDoS attack can be hard for any business to overcome. For a small ecommerce business especially, the fallout can be devastating. In fact, the loss of revenue from legitimate traffic following a single DDoS attack can cost a business upwards of $50,000.

While a DDoS attack can cause immediate financial impacts for your ecommerce business, the long-term effects can be even more far-reaching. According to recent research, if a smaller, lesser-known online retailer experiences a breach, a colossal 42 percent of consumers are unlikely to be repeat shoppers on the site. Rebuilding consumer trust and confidence in the wake of an attack can be one of the hardest obstacles to overcome as an online business, and the damage is often permanent.

Preventing DDoS Attacks on Your Ecommerce Website
Diagnosing a DDoS attack is not always straightforward because the symptoms of an attack are often similar to non-malicious issues like network problems or slow website speeds. Since DDoS attacks are so hard to detect and remedy after they’ve taken place, your best defense against lasting damage is to prevent them entirely with the help of a web application firewall (WAF).
Using a WAF with DDoS support helps protect your website against even the most powerful DDoS threats. WAFs redirect malicious traffic before it can overload the server, ensuring that cybercriminals aren’t able to cause further disrupt to your website or cause additional downtime.
Preventing Harmful DDoS Attacks On eCommerce Websites With SiteLock
For proactive protection against DDoS attacks and other threats, you can should a WAF alongside an automated website scanner as a barrier to not only deflect unwanted traffic but remove other threats that could slip by undetected. This combination will allow you to identify and remove malware before it can do serious damage to your website or impact your bottom line.
In the case of DDoS attacks, prevention is always cheaper and easier than recovery. Investing in the tools you need to keep your site safe is well worth any upfront cost, and you can rest assured that any future spikes in traffic will be a reason to celebrate.
SiteLock Prevents Harmful DDoS Attack On eCommerce Websites
Monique Becenti is a product and channel marketing specialist at SiteLock, a cloud-based website security provider currently protecting more than 16 million websites globally. Monique is passionate about improving the customer experience for all. SiteLock’s combination of dedicated research and developmental efforts, aggressive product road maps, and access to a massive global data set make the company a leading innovator in web security.

Learn 5 Habits of Successful Ecommerce

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Learn 5 Habits of Successful Ecommerce

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