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The Benefits Of Being A SiteLock Channel Partner

Becoming a SiteLock channel partner gives you the ability to deliver powerful, affordable security to your customers while growing your business. Key benefits for our channel partnerships include:

Channel Partner Market Growth with SiteLock

Market Growth: Cybersecurity is booming and is expected to reach $400 billion by 2026. With SiteLock, partners can become part of this growth and establish their business as a trusted provider of industry-leading cybersecurity solutions.

Channel Partner Brand Recognition with SiteLock

Brand Recognition: SiteLock is the global leader in cybersecurity. Leveraging our industry reputation, partners can be sure they are delivering the best security for businesses of any size.

Channel Partner Profitability with SiteLock

Profitability: The proven effectiveness of our products to reduce operational expenses combined with generous margins allows partners to achieve new levels of profitability and growth.

Channel Partner Revenue Opportunity with SiteLock

Revenue Opportunity: Grow top line revenue with new acquisition channels and nurture opportunities.

Channel Partner Differentiation with SiteLock

Differentiation: Partners can set themselves apart from the competition with a comprehensive cybersecurity portfolio designed to protect any size businesses from today’s threat landscape.

Channel Partner Single Product Dashboard Management with SiteLock

Single Product Dashboard: All SiteLock products can be conveniently managed through a single dashboard using SSO. This enables partners to reduce integration time, view SiteLock dashboard updates, and provide a simple customer experience.

Channel Partner Dedicated SiteLock Account Team

Account Team: We are here for you! Our dedicated and highly experienced account team will ensure you are set up for success.

Channel Partner SiteLock Marketing Support: Tools, Content and Go To Market Best Practices

Marketing Support: Leverage our extensive library of marketing tools and content, Go-To-Market best practices and more to generate leads, improve conversions and increase average revenue per customer.

Channel Partner Solutions

Website Security

SiteLock website security solutions deliver the highest level of protection against security threats and vulnerabilities. Our automated solutions scan, remove, patch, monitor, defend and improve performance for websites. SiteLock Website Security and Patchman solutions offer partners the opportunity to protect their customers, realize operational efficiencies and reduce customer churn.

Remote Network Security

Protect your employees no matter where they work with our remote network security solution. With Virtual Private Network (VPN) licenses, your employees can initiate anonymous, encrypted browsing sessions over any internet connection, allowing them to conduct business with confidence that they are protected from prying eyes on public networks.

Risk Compliance

With SiteLock’s PCI Compliance program, partners can help small businesses avoid hefty fines and become PCI compliant in a fast, easy way. The program reduces the number of PCI SAQ questions by 80% PLUS ensures compliance is maintained on an ongoing basis.

Data Protection

Given today’s evolving threat landscape, a security strategy isn’t complete without data protection. Whether your website is compromised, or you experience an internal error or a server crash, it’s important to get back online as quickly as possible. SiteLock Website Backup enables businesses to back up, restore, and resume business operations quickly and easily.

Education & Training

Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting individuals rather than businesses, and often prey on busy, distracted employees to sneak into a network. SiteLock Security Awareness Training delivers assessments, training, and phishing simulations to help prevent data breaches, ransomware and other cyber threats that put businesses at risk.
Integration Options
Regardless of your business infrastructure, we have seamless integration options to help you start protecting your customers quickly.
SiteLock Website Security Integration Options
Direct API
Implementing multiple products has never been easier. With simple API integration, you get access to a robust product portfolio.
Control Panel Plugins
Shorten time to market using our quick-start integrations for: WHM & cPanel, WHMCS, and APS.
Manual Orders
Looking for security but don’t have the infrastructure for an integration? No problem. Regardless of size, we will work with you.
Patchman Integration Options
Control Panel
Automatically integrates with cPanel, Plesk and DirectAdmin.
RPM & DEB Packages
RPM and DEB packages for easy and standardized maintenance.
Quick Scan Configuration
Scanning process optimized to be incredibly fast, light weight and distributed in larger environments.
Web Applications
Simple API with easy configuration through a web application.

Why Offer SiteLock Solutions?

Patent-Pending Technology: Sitelock’s state-of-the-art malware detection and remediation service scans websites daily both externally and internally for the highest detection efficacy in the industry.
CMS Security Coverage: While many companies stop at file scanning, Sitelock has expanded coverage to ensure content management systems (CMS) are also protected. Our innovative technology safely applies security patches assuring that the installation is as secure as the latest version of the CMS. CMS coverage includes WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Magento, WooCommerce, and Prestashop PlUS coverage for 7 of the most popular plugins.
WordPress Protection: SiteLock protects MySQl databases, enabling us to offer even greater protection for WordPress websites. We monitor and clean any spam and malicious content that shows up in comments and posts, giving business owners an additional layer of worry-free protection.
Extensive SMB Customer Base: SiteLock protects more than 16 million websites worldwide. Access to this amount of significant data enables us to understand the threat landscape, predict site compromise, and develop technologies to help block attacks.

Channel Partners

Endurance International Group is a SiteLock Channel Partner is a SiteLock Channel Partner
Team Blue is a SiteLock Channel Partner is a SiteLock Channel Partner
Strato is a SiteLock Channel Partner
1 and 1 is a SiteLock Channel Partner
Inmotion Hosting is a SiteLock Channel Partner