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Effective Reliable Malware Removal For Websites

Automatically detect and remove malware from your website.

SiteLock Website Malware Removal Dashboard

(2-Months Free with Annual Plan)

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SMART scans and automatically removes identified malware to protect your site and visitors.

$9.99 / month

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INFINITY + Website Backup

Our Infinity scanner combined with website backup keeps your website and data safe, and includes unlimited manual cleans.

$39.99 / month

*for new domains only

What is Website Malware Removal?

SiteLock’s website malware removal service automatically cleans malicious content from your website, creating a safe visitor experience. You can think of malware removal like having an immediate pest control for your site—if there’s a malware-related issue, it is removed automatically. Your malware protection will find and alert you to vulnerabilities that could lead to a compromise. Depending on your scanning package and how your site was built, website malware will be removed automatically.

Meet SiteLock INFINITY, The Website Malware Removal Tool

Learn how the SiteLock INFINITY website malware removal tool can protect you from a website compromise.

Best Threat Detection Award 2020

Best Threat Detection

Best Security Monitoring And Website Security Solution Award 2020

Best Security Monitoring and Website Security Solution

Best Anti-Malware, Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Scanner Award 2019

Best Anti-Malware, Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Scanner

Website Malware Scan And Removal Products Available To You

Protect your website from malware today.
Choose the best website malware removal service for your needs.

SiteLock® SMART™

SiteLock® SMART™ (Secure Malware Alert and Removal Tool) brings automated malware detection and removal to your website. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your site is secure.

  • Daily malware and vulnerability scans
  • Automated malware removal
  • Inside-out scans check for more than 10 million threats
  • Scans website files with no impact to the user experience or server bandwidth


SiteLock® SMART PLUS™ is the first website security product in the industry to offer automated malware and spam removal from all WordPress, Joomla! and MySQL databases -- including vulnerability patching for content management system (CMS) websites.

  • SiteLock® SMART™
  • Automated vulnerability patching for
    content management system (CMS) websites, ecommerce, and plugins
  • Automated malware and spam removal for WordPress, Joomla! or any MySQL databases
  • Customized keyword protection from SEO spam


SiteLock® INFINITY™ offers the world’s only always-on automated malware removal and vulnerability patching solution.

  • SiteLock® SMART PLUS™
  • Continuous, automated malware scanning and removal
  • Continuous, automated vulnerability scanning and patching
  • 24/7 access to SiteLock Security Analysts for
    sophisticated threats and malware infections

Trusted Website Malware Removal And Cybersecurity Provider for Millions of Businesses

Endurance International Group Uses SiteLock Website Malware Removal Services
Port Of Subs Uses SiteLock Website Malware Removal Services
El Polo Loco Uses SiteLock Website Malware Removal Services
1&1 Uses SiteLock Website Malware Removal Services
AAA Roofing Company Uses SiteLock Website Malware Removal Services
Newtek Technology Solutions Uses SiteLock Website Malware Removal Services
Network Solutions Uses SiteLock Website Malware Removal Services
Project Help Uses SiteLock Website Malware Removal Services

Website Malware Removal Benefits

Peace of mind

Rest assured knowing your site is protected from malware 24/7. SiteLock is the only security provider to offer automated malware removal the moment threats hit your site.

Enhance site speed

Don’t let malware slow down your site. When a site is infected with malware, it could freeze, crash, or the appearance could change. Keep your site clean to maintain constant uptime.

Increase visitor trust

Build customer confidence with a SiteLock Trust Seal. Your malware removal service includes a security badge that lets your visitors know your website is secure and malware-free.

Improve SEO

Never worry about a website compromise again. With ongoing, proactive malware protection, we’ll find and fix threats before you even know they exist.

Worry-free protection

It’s easy to stay protected with automated security. Your malware scan runs seamlessly in the background, and if malware is detected, you’re alerted via email and the threat is instantly removed.

Immediate alerts and updates

Always be informed about the security of your site with automated alert emails and live results from your SiteLock Dashboard.
SiteLock Website Malware Removal Tool For Magento
SiteLock Website Malware Removal Tool For Joomla

Compatible with all types of websites

SiteLock Website Malware Removal Tool For WordPress
SiteLock Website Malware Removal Tool For Drupal

What is Website Malware?

Malware, short for malicious software, is designed to harm a website and its visitors. Malware can result in a suspension by your web host, blacklisting by search engines, or even allow cybercriminals to take control of your site. Nearly one million new malware threats are released each day on average.

What is a Vulnerability?

Learn how the SiteLock SMART website malware removal tool can protect you from a website compromise.
  • One vulnerability can impact over 1,000 pages on a single website.
  • Website vulnerabilities can exist for weeks, months, and even years without being detected.