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What is a DDoS Attack?

A DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack is a malicious attempt to make a website unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from thousands of sources. DDoS attacks are executed when multiple computers on different networks, called a botnet, send large amounts of data requests to your website all at once. This takes an immense toll on a website’s resources and processing capabilities—causing websites to slow down or crash.

  • The longest DDoS attack in recent years lasted 297 hours—more than 12 days.
  • The real-world cost of an unmitigated attack is $40,000 per hour when loss of customer trust, data theft, intellectual property loss, and more are factored into the equation.

DDoS Attack Protection at-a-glance

Experience constant website uptime with state-of-the-art DDoS protection. Today, websites are attacked approximately 50 times per day, per website. With advanced security protecting your site you can help prevent targeted DDoS attacks from disrupting your business and visitor experience.

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What is
DDoS Attack Protection?

DDoS protection defends your website from distributed denial-of-service attacks. SiteLock provides sophisticated web application, infrastructure, and DNS protection—all vital components for comprehensive DDoS attack protection. With this innovative security, you’ll have access to advanced visitor identification while never having to worry about site downtime due to malicious traffic.

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SiteLock DDoS Protection Solutions

Prevent DDoS attacks with sophisticated web application protection, infrastructure protection, and DNS protection.

  • Blocks network DDoS attacks up to 16bps
  • Blocks application level DDoS attacks
  • Automatically detects DDoS attempts and deploys protections accordingly
  • Over one tbps network capacity
  • Detailed attack reports
  • Extended Validation SSL support

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DDoS attack protection benefits

Confidence in security

Keep your visitors safe by defending against the most sophisticated DDoS attacks with 99.99 percent accuracy.

Constant uptime

Ensure zero disruption to your site or user experience in the event of a DDoS attack. DDoS attacks are notorious for taking sites offline for hours at a time—long enough to detract a customer or visitor.

Cost savings

Not only can preventing a DDoS attack save you money, but SiteLock cloud-based DDoS protection eliminates the high costs that come with additional servers and load balancing infrastructure.

Advanced visitor

Differentiate human traffic from bot traffic with advanced visitor identification. You can customize your settings and block malicious traffic from entering your site.

Stay informed

Stay updated on the security of your website by viewing your DDoS attack protection results at any time from your SiteLock Dashboard.

Quick and easy setup

Setting up your DDoS protection is easy, and the SiteLock team of experts are available to help 24/7/365.

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Protect your website
from more than just DDoS

The SiteLock web application firewall (WAF) protects your website from DDoS attacks,
bad bots, and other malicious threats.

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