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As the only security provider to offer automated malware identification and removal, our proprietary technology quickly identifies and instantly removes website infections — all at an affordable price. In situations requiring more complex remediation, our dedicated team of cybersecurity experts will manually scan your website files for an infection and fix the issue. With our combination of automated removal and professional services we find more security issues plaguing websites than anyone else.



Find malware faster and remove automatically with SMART ®.


The only solution that detects and automatically removes malware.

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Ability to scan your website's files for 10M+ security threats.


Website security and scanning packages for every budget.

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By selecting SiteLock, you’re choosing the largest and most comprehensive website security provider in the world, as seen in Gartner AST Magic Quadrant. We are proven to find and fix more malware and other issues currently plaguing your site faster than anyone else.

Hover on the common website hacks and consequences to learn more about the types of infections and potential impacts.

Types Of Hacks



Can spread viruses, steal personal or financial data.



An attack that changes the visual appearance of the site.



A way to gain control of a website.



A hack causing ads for pharmaceuticals to appear.



Tricking someone into providing sensitive information.

Malicious Redirects

Malicious Redirects

Sending website traffic to a different site.

Potential Consequences

Website suspension


Ability to access site is declined by hosting provider.



Removed from search results and mark as a dangerous site.



A drop in website search rankings.



A loss of reputation due to malicious content on site or data theft.



Immediate monetary loss and significantly impacts the ability to earn future revenue.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Experience degraded by reduced site performance.


Case Study: YeeWittleThings

Brandi Yee is the owner and writer of YeeWittleThings, a family-friendly blog that offers product reviews, giveaways, recipes and lifestyle information to its readers. Yee got word from her hosting provider that was suspended due to malware. Her entire website was shut down and to top it all off, Google blacklisted, meaning her site was removed from search results.

“I was shocked to discover one day that my site had been compromised due to malware,” says Yee. “When something like that happens, it puts everything on hold—including website traffic and scheduled sponsored posts. It’s very stressful and discouraging, especially if you’re not tech-savvy. I had readers and companies messaging me asking when my site would be up and running. Thankfully, my readers and companies I work with were very understanding and patient as I worked with SiteLock and my web host to get my site cleaned and functional.”

"I greatly appreciate the time that my customer service representative spent with me to get my website figured out. He is an example for others to follow, and it makes me feel great about doing business with SiteLock."

- M. Costigan

Preventing Future Malware Infections

Once SiteLock removes malware from your website, it is important to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Here are a few tips to ensuring continued website security:

Website updates

Update Your Website

You need to regularly update your site and its applications to ensure you are not exposed to security vulnerabilities.

Change Passwords

Change passwords at least once every 90 days to ensure the continued security of your website.

Change passwords
Website backup

Backup Website Files

Keep a secure back-up of the most current version of your site to protect against potential site loss.

Implement Monitoring

Continually monitor your website for potential security issues. SiteLock can automatically do this with our scanning solutions.

filter malicious traffic

Block Malicious Access

Install a Web Application Firewall (WAF), like TrueShield , to limit hackers’ ability to access your website.

free risk assessment

Free Risk Assessment

"A great way to learn more about website security is to get a free risk assessment for your site.

The Website Risk Assessment is our proprietary predictive model that gives you information on different features or qualities that may affect your site’s risk of being attacked.

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