TrustSeal FAQ

TrustSeal FAQ

My Trust Seal suddenly disappeared off of my site. What happened?

This can be due to a number of reasons:

  • Your site got infected with malware or a vulnerability and was not resolved after 72 hours. You do not need to make any changes to your Trust Seal code if this is the case. After you have resolved these issues, the Trust Seal will automatically be displayed again on your website.
  • You may have made a change to your site that replaced the code.

Why isn’t my website’s name or URL showing up in the Trust Seal?

This happens when the domain name is too long to fit into the space. Try using a larger Trust Seal in the settings.

I updated the size/color/style of the Trust Seal after installing it, but it hasn’t updated. What happened?

Clear your cache and cookies in all of your browsers.

Can SiteLock customize my Trust Seal further than the preset options?

No, the Trust Seal cannot be customized further than the preset options.We do not accommodate any customization requests.

I chose “Secure” as my style but it still only says “Malware Free” on my site. Why is that?

You must have a premium or higher scanner to be able to display “Secure”.

Do I have to have the firewall to use the Trust Seal?

No, the TrustSeal doesn't require firewall. It pulls data from scanners.

My Trust Seal is displaying an older date. Why is that?

The date displayed will be the last scan that was run and came back clean. Please check your scan frequency settings if it is displaying an older date.

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